Hello Vanilla Dating

Utterly disgusted by the prevalence of Leftism and thereby deception in the BDSM world, I took the plunge and signed up with a large vanilla mainstream dating service.

As always, I stated clearly in my profile that I don’t chat and thereby was instantly greeted with dozens of chat requests.

As always, I stated clearly in my profile (several times!) that I am a smoker and thereby was instantly favorite-ed by dozens of committed nonsmokers.

Perhaps this means that smoking couples remain together in long-term committed relationships and therefore have no need to go back on the market. Smoking single men, on the other hand, have apparently learned that there’s no point going on a dating site where they will be a minority.

Nonsmoking smoking fetishists however have no such disincentive.

Similarly, my “conservative” political views don’t discourage Liberals.

I guess this means that I am still “hot” in that my photo is apparently the only thing of importance even though it isn’t particularly revealing.

Thus far, those aspirants who have successfully made it past my gauntlet of “no chat” have been otherwise highly unqualified.

At least I am getting even more material as to the degradation of the human male character (doubtless inspired by the degradation of the human female character) for my writing.

I went on my first date yesterday. I give him credit for honesty. The only reason he came to see me is because I was the only female on the site who had responded to him. Otherwise, I was unqualified, that is, I am not his physical type. He was honest enough to point out to me his type in the crowd, a petite brunette at least 20 years younger than I am. He lamented that his type doesn’t find him to be sufficiently physically attractive, even though, I don’t understand why he has that idea about himself. I told him that his attitude was the only thing holding him back because he was plenty attractive but obviously wasn’t possessing sufficient “game” to attract 20-somethings. Ironically, he was offering what just about every young woman wants, getting ready to retire from a government service job, and thereby “secure”, and wanting a woman who will devote himself exclusively to his own needs.

I thought I gave him some pretty good pointers but I’m sure there is nothing that I could say to him that would crack the media-fueled fantasies in his mind.

It would appear thus far that American men of the vanilla world are just as fantasy-driven as the BDSM world except that their fantasies aren’t nearly as interesting, by and large.

This is not to say that there aren’t equally boring fantasies in the BDSM world, particularly given that since Leftism is the dominant ideology, there is no screening of any sort with regard to references and authenticity. By that I mean that the married suburban swingers and spankos mingle right in with the hardcore but yet think of themselves as avant-guarde. The fact that I don’t find them so tars me as a slut.

Well, if the shoe fits…

Putting aside my preferred personal sexual persona for a moment, is a person who has had five sexual partners in the last 17 years considered a “slut” today?

Surely a suburban swinger has had more.

I guess if one actually admits to these sorts of statistics then I am already automatically hardcore.

Putting aside some of my exotic experiences it would appear that those characteristics which make me most hardcore are the following:





7 thoughts on “Hello Vanilla Dating

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  2. Had to post an update from one of my fresh faced nonsmoking respondents. According to him, the likes of me and the men I like (smokers) are both “nasty” and “strange”. It’s a wonder he condescended to flirt with me. Are pickings really that slim for such a kind and normal soul?

  3. “Think of themselves as avant-guarde.”
    Now that’s funny right there. Avant-guarde: shows how self important and ignorant they are.

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