Cigar Bitch

Is it cruel of me to give nonsmokers a chance at me? I know perfectly well that it is never going to work. So long as one’s core values include swallowing the nonsense that there is anything approaching a dose-response relationship of tobacco to any of the maladies it is supposedly associated with is pretty well a deal breaker. That doesn’t mean that I believe that everyone should smoke. That would also be ludicrous. For example, I don’t think that vegetarians, polyunsaturated oil enthusiasts, birth control pill users, or sickly people should smoke; however, I don’t particularly want to date such types either.

While I can understand that some professions would punish a smoker disproportionately, that scenario hasn’t yet presented itself to me. If a man decides not to smoke in favor of a career or other activity not compatible with smoking, such as say laboratory assistant in an environment where no particulate is a good particulate, that’s his choice and I respect it. However, such a choice does not justify adopting the state-delivered rhetoric in terms of the evils of tobacco. It’s a plant! It’s not evil! There are medicinal benefits!

This medicine is probably not applicable to all persons. However, neither am I. I’m not designed for universal acceptance. Being around me could possibly even be hazardous to the health of anyone addled with state-supported propaganda. If you’re not ready for your closely-held beliefs to be challenged, please keep walking. We’re both better off. My availability is not a Democracy nor Equal Opportunity position. I’m entitled to any reason to discriminate or none.

It would seem to me that tobacco enthusiasm is not an unreasonable requirement at all for me to entertain. Similarly, should I choose to associate with the extremely tobacco adverse or paranoid, that’s my choice, and I have made it for exceptional cases, but by no means am I obligated to do so. It is only the Cultural Marxists who insist that all standards are unnecessary in that the state shall define standards for all. How grotesque. Life is not Kindergarten.


5 thoughts on “Cigar Bitch

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  2. Hey how about that “vaping” thing? I saw a couple of YouTube ads for those weirdo 1979 Buck Rogers white satin jumpsuit e-cigarettes, but even the angelic Jenny McCarthy could not make that crap appear cool.

    Smoking cigars is certainly classic and refined, but moderation. Remember what happened to Freud.

    • I just don’t get vaping. It was supposed to be healthier/less offensive (pick one) than other forms but since I don’t personally find anything unhealthy about pure tobacco whereas synthetic stuff is another matter altogether, while meanwhile the same places which prohibit smoking now also prohibit vaping and e-cigarettes (which is ridiculous). I am prepared to defend the notion that there is nothing wrong with pure tobacco in moderation, like everything. Those persons incapable of withstanding even a whiff of it, probably shouldn’t breathe in wood smoke, diesel fumes, new carpets, smoking cooking oil, paraffin, pollen, perfume, air freshener, etc. Of those choices, tobacco is probably the least detrimental and besides provides medicinal and sanitation benefits.

  3. I once kissed a smoker. She was rather old, too, and I thought it was the taste of age. It made me almost want to puke and I forwent fornication in the interest of my taste buds. Later, I found out that she had been a smoker and suddenly that shit made sense.

    • There’s no accounting for taste. That said, I hate the smell of cheap cigarettes too. Mixed with just a hint of tooth decay and yes, truly revolting. When I first met Axel and he lit up I asked him if he would smoke cigarettes that I rolled for him. He said he would. I did. It became my job. Those things smelled so good that even nonsmokers wanted to try one.

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