Succinct Definition of Feminism

Thanks to Disqus user, disqus_QL05BqU79X:

Feminism hasn’t “won” anything. All its “gains” were simply the result of foregone conclusions (e.g. voting rights) or the result of societal and technological advancements (e.g. The Pill and VC abortion method) the shirt-tails on which feminists clung needlessly, basking in the glory of others thereafter.

Feminism is a purely Stalinist-style movement designed to divide the population along gender lines to allow the state more and increasingly totalitarian control of the population. Women’s re-entrance into the workplace in the 1970s was engineered solely so the state could tax more people and more efficiently dissolve familial bonds; thus community and society always follows. Nothing is as divisive as a cult that splits humanity down the middle and pits the halves against each other. All feminist tenets are lies. There is no truth in the doctrine whatsoever.

Quoted by permission.

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