Self-Reliant Amazon Raises Bar, Threatens Feminists

One of the many motivations behind my anti-feminism is the apparent Marxist/Quaker/Fabian notion that outcomes based on conformity of action must be guaranteed by The State, with such outcomes subsidized by taxpayers, the majority of which by both numbers of persons and origin of capital seized are male.

Given that The State effectively stands in as the ultimate religious, social, and moral authority on all things today, its agents can be found in women everywhere particularly television watchers, “good students,” and, of course, Feminists.

In terms of State-mandated outcomes translated into ordinary Feminist rhetoric, I’ll use as an example the following: if a certain population of men apply to be firemen (yes, I used the gendered form of the word), and of those a certain percentage are accepted, then Feminists assume that therefore regardless of how many women apply to be firefighters, then an equal number of female candidates as the men must be accepted; otherwise it is the fault of oppression. This calculation has no rational basis.

If all outcomes are not equal, then, according to Feminists, the standards are too high or biased. The same idiocy applies to the current furor over STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) study and careers.

Similarly, a woman such as myself who tends to exceed the norms in terms of the various metrics to which the majority of Feminist women ostensibly aspire yet conveniently fail, to include the various markers of intelligence, my pre-retirement earning capacity and tax bracket, physical strength, size, ability to manage risk, STEM ability, sex drive, and even generally-accepted health markers, is therefore operating from an unfair advantage. Therefore, a person such as myself must either be suppressed or I inadvertently and under protest set a new standard that from now on all women must achieve or it is men’s fault that they don’t. (And it is also my fault for skewing the grading curve.)

Moreover, this droning herd mentality causes men of my interest who might otherwise be interested in me to be hesitant to approach me given that definitions of the terms, “intelligent woman,” or “strong woman,” now mean Feminist because Feminists say so. I am therefore obliged to appear less intelligent and less strong, such as to encourage predators and parasites to feed on me. I can’t win.

If I fail to be sympathetic to such women, then by definition, I am a Patriarch myself and otherwise contributing to their oppression simply by out-achieving them.

However, I have to believe that deep down they know that neither my “achievement” or “intelligence” actually raises the bar in terms of the men who are attracted to me (thanks to the sociological damage of Feminism); therefore it is essentially my youthfulness and health privileges which oppress these female competitors (because those things are attractive). Those privileges nowadays are attributed to luck given that obedience to mainstream healthism diktats is assumed to be a given for me (it most certainly is not) and therefore supposedly it is entirely genetic or accident of birth.

Never mind that the sort of Feminist who tends to target me in this manner, given my current environment, is likely to be white and otherwise share much in common with me genetically, and so, what is it? Could it possibly be my sheer resistance to Feminist and Marxist programming which confers on me certain advantages? Probably so!

As a woman, I am supposed to feel obligated to assist these women in either raising their own youthfulness and health privilege or to give them my money and time for free as compensation, or to even to submit to them in terms of subverting my own personal power in favor of allowing them to rule over me. Why? What qualification exactly does eternal victimhood confer?

Sometimes, after a conversation with such a woman, and I rise from my seat to tower over her, I am confronted with the ridiculous realization that this Feminist actually believes that she is entitled to my service as if I were a heterosexual man interested in doling out chivalry to her.

Sorry lady. I’m straight.



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