The Boy must die that the Man can appear

Yes indeed. Spoiler alert: One way to increase both testosterone and human growth hormone is to reduce carbohydrate consumption, within reason, depending on multiple factors. Carbohydrate reduction also helps prevent testosterone (including that added therapeutically) from mutating into estrogenic forms which promote inflammation. Real men kill for their food. Everyone does really albeit women, children, and less masculine men are often insulated from this reality. Even a rice-eater consumes bugs, except in “civilized” society. Here’s to that less civilized faction who we all depend on to maintain domestic tranquility. It’s time we honored it.

Freedom Power and Wealth

Boy must dieOften is has been said that we are living in an infantile society in which more and more poeple who are adults according to their age, live a life more appropriate to a child or to a teenager at best, but not the one of an adult person. At all times there have been such individuals but their number has always been quite small. But this phenomenon of people who refuse to grow adult makes the whole society suffer to an increasing degree. Both sexes are subject to this growing immaturity but I will only address the one relating to the males, because the effect of their immaturity is much bigger then the one of the females.

Society is tolerating immaturity

Western society for the longest time has tolerated infantile behaviour in adults. We have allowed “circumstances” to do with us what they did and we are facing the results…

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One thought on “The Boy must die that the Man can appear

  1. My regimen: no grains except oatmeal, and buckwheat which isn’t wheat and not a grain.. I like beer, and it is made from grain, but I avoid those made from wheat. I just started this way around 2+ years ago and have lost my gut overhang. I feel better about myself as a result. I eat all the meat and fat I want. I’m almost 79, take no meds except a half-minimum dose of Cozaar for essential (i.e., due to age) hypertension. As for testosterone, I don’t think about it, but I know I’m a man.

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