“Rape Culture” = Mandated Chivalry

In my view, the notion that ordinary men ought to be financially, emotionally, and intellectually enslaved to the state is the basis of the fiercely-held “rape culture” delusion. It’s also the basis of Sharia law as far as I can tell. Hence, the unholy-alliance between Feminism and Islam.

Strangely enough, the “rape culture” delusion tends to be self-perpetuating right up until all decent men are entirely emasculated except for the sheer monsters who resist all shaming and marginalization tactics perpetuated by the Feminist Brown Shirts and take to raping anything they can get their hands on, to include men, of course.

However, so long as such men are barred from entering The Harem, the Feminists couldn’t care less. As for those “sluts” who dare to defy the rules of The Harem by venturing out amongst those marginalized men/monsters? To Hell with them, say the Feminists. Only us good and true in-group-loyalty Feminists deserve protection of any sort.

When such Feminists declare unabashedly that they can’t handle the “reality” of what they create and that which devises their own privileges, security, and protection, it is all I can do to hold my tongue and not subject them to that reality. However, such would only tar me as one of those women who do not deserve protection. Now, I ask you, dear reader, which one of us is the misogynist?


3 thoughts on ““Rape Culture” = Mandated Chivalry

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  2. As a man, thank you. Nothing makes me angrier than the feminist mantra that “all men are potential rapists”. The reality is that few men are potential rapists but nearly all men are potentially your protectors.

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