Odd Woman Out

I like to think that my unique outlook is a strength albeit of course it is also a weakness. Whereas I suppose I was always “an individual,” not having anything to call a “hometown” or culture to which I can authentically claim as my “heritage,” (except genetically, perhaps), it took extreme trauma in order for me to recognize and discard the Leftist indoctrination that nevertheless took hold in my psyche, albeit unbranded and therefore perhaps more easily shed.

Part of my mission is to attempt to devise rhetorical memes that ideally prompt or “trigger” the less-disillusioned to reexamine their closely-held beliefs. Occasionally I am urged that I should “write a book,” or otherwise devise a forum that will somehow catch the attention of other women and otherwise reach them where rational minds have failed. (I operate on a more “intuitive” sense than rational in most of my writings and may or may not have insight to the workings of the female mind. So far, I would say that this insight doesn’t actually assist my mission but who knows?)

Men praise me for my “intelligence” in this respect but generally speaking are reticent to be intimate with me except in foolhardy or “casual” fashion (which I spurn). It would seem that my uniqueness is even a threat to “rational” minds, because, in fact, no one is free of cognitive dissonance.

It is my belief that the primary method of institutional mind control that infects our world today has to do with our unconscious, subconscious, and sense of “sacred” or sexuality and love. Discussions of these sorts of things tends to “feel threatening,” or at least exhausting to the listener and otherwise cause either emotional over-engagement or detachment, depending on the personality of the listener. The former is a more “feminine” or Feminist response and the latter a more “masculine” one but still gynocentric, in my view.

A hot-headed anti-feminist male may conversely be both emotionally over-engaged and even threatened by my arguments such as to approach me in an emotional rather than rational manner. The irony of course is that my philosophy has large areas of agreement with the disenfranchised young man if I tend not to feel submissive to that population. I am sympathetic not submissive, maternal not adoring.

Therefore the population of my romantic interest is a narrow intersection of both passionate anti-feminist, rational detachment, and probably a dose of foolhardy courage such that principles outweigh the drive for either longevity, chivalry as masculine identity, or social acceptance by the gynocentric majority. It’s a tall order and not an easy demographic to reach. The age of that demographic is also probably going to trend younger than my comfort level rather than quietly, sedately, “going with the flow”. I’m also going to assume some sort of genetic resistance to the estrogenization of both our food supply and institutional programming, such as to result in high testosterone production but hopefully not a lot of insulin or alcoholism to counteract that production and convert it into estrogenic (inflammatory) forms.

I therefore refuse to limit my search to those of similar phenotype to myself even if I am by all means open to similar phenotypes as well as cautious with regard to the “foreign,” given my extremely negative experiences there as well. It takes a supremely transcended male, in my view, to not find my own views to be threatening to the “maternal feminine sacred” within his subconscious. Threatening a strong man’s “maternal feminine sacred” is foolhardy. In other words, if his mother was a feminist dupe, then anti-feminist rhetoric from me is going to sound like a challenge and a threat. I have to be extra careful of that reaction given that I may well end up being a target of the poorly differentiated “fatherless son” avenging his mother’s insecurity upon me as described in Why Do Women Hate Each Other?

Some men are effectively or emotionally “fatherless” even if their father is still around. I would put myself in the emotionally “fatherless” category myself, however, have no desire to avenge the insecurity of either of my parents on anyone. That may be because I haven’t been steeped in “chivalry” and otherwise feel as if I already gave my parents more of me than they deserved and for a very poor return on that investment.

Even Axel was somewhat put off by my anti-feminist rhetoric and he thought of himself as highly transcended from his mother’s emotional (and vicariously physical) abuse upon him. Fortunately for me, he was able to detach, and paradoxically channel his frustrations with me in a manner to which I not only welcomed but my sexuality (and personal sacred) is defined by it. However, when he met me, I was a lot more meek and less grandstanding with regard to my views on society.

Nowadays I suppose I’m both passionate and cynical which tend to cancel each other out in terms of my attractiveness.

After four years of slow reintegration into society, my views have crystallized and otherwise become more dogmatic not less. I suspect that this is a natural psychological fidelity mechanism. If my views are more dogmatic then I am less submissive and receptive to the views of other men whereas my man knows how to compartmentalize and otherwise tune me out before dominating me psychologically as well as physically and sexually, with “my man” being a rhetorical construct at the present date.

Just my theory, of course.


16 thoughts on “Odd Woman Out

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  2. —Men praise me for my “intelligence” in this respect but generally speaking are reticent to be intimate with me except in foolhardy or “casual” fashion (which I spurn). It would seem that my uniqueness is even a threat to “rational” minds, because, in fact, no one is free of cognitive dissonance. —
    Men praise your intelligence because they are being humanist weaklings with flaccid frontal lobes. Expecting spark or even mutual inter-gender respect through rationality is a fool’s errand. Your past experience is what men should praise you for. Rare is the woman who has tasted the irrationality of the submissive and then reconciled it her rational mind. Even fewer can write of the dark delights of power exchange and admit their lure. It is a difficult thing I know. Modern communication compels us to talk of nothingness in the hopes of finding rational meaning and connection. All the while our irrational selves have frequently shown us the path to ecstasy. It’s the irrational connection one should seek not the rational prattle.

    — It is my belief that the primary method of institutional mind control that infects our world today has to do with our unconscious, subconscious, and sense of “sacred” or sexuality and love. —
    Yes this is true but I don’t know if many understand the implications. Many over rationalize and over think inter gender dynamics. The institutional mind control came about due to the fantasy that women would seek the same results out of rationality as men. Women don’t need the rational as much as men do. For women rationality is merely a convenience or fashion accessory. Something easily tossed away in the heat of an irrational dalliance. Feminists call this effect a weakness not a strength. A technologist would call this a feature not a bug.

    Men don’t desire a woman’s rationality. They desire her irrational sexuality. So in effect a woman being rational about gender relations is moving the wrong way on the sexual continuum. A man (especially a Dom) should push his woman ever deeper into the dungeon of irrational lust. Laying bonds and restraints on her rational mind that distracts her from true happiness.
    To this end a woman should perform the following exercise. Cease all rational conversation about gender dynamics with all men. Have rational conversations about Dominican vs. Nicaraguan cigars. Have rational conversations about Platonic logic. But stop all logical conversations about man/woman relations going forward.

    • I like the way you think even if the logical conclusion (and it’s been eating at me for a while) would be to close this blog. I think I’m going to have to do that for the benefit of romantic bliss. As for rational conversations about Dominican vs. Nicaraguan cigars? I don’t think I have what it takes specifically when I tend to get weak in the knees (and rationality) when I watch men smoke. I’ve got it bad. Please help me. Real bad. Thanks for commenting!

      • You misread my thoughts if your takeaway was to close the blog.

        I would insist that you consider content and philosophy. Think of it as a conversation. Not a conversation about passions and gender. But about other passions. I will demonstrate.

      • I need to develop some more well-rounded interests. Of course I could make this blog about the finer points of cock worship but well that could quickly degenerate (and I don’t need to be more degenerate than I already am). Food then? That’s been done and besides I’m a pro on the food and nutrition front so I’m not about to just give that away to strangers. The way I see it, if a guy wants some real one-on-one conversation about a variety of subjects, I at least want a fine cigar out of the deal. Anonymous conversation has limited appeal to me. It’s a starting point, not the whole enchilada.

        Since you said I don’t have to close my blog, I’ll keep it going. Just for you. 😉 However, the day may come when some man makes a claim on me and demands I shut it down. I’m prepared to meet that demand. I prefer a demanding sort of man. Or maybe he’ll want to mold me into something on the more remunerative front instead. That would be great too. I don’t seem to have a whole lot of ambition myself but if the whip is cracking I can be more motivated.

        However, so long as I keep this blog mostly on the topic of passions and gender through my own particular viewpoint I can engage on a topic for which I feel truly passionate, and get the manosphere guys to read my blog. As I just commented previously to my friend there, I prefer a man today who is more of a man of the world rather than a chump for anything in a dress and heels. I want to be an asset to that beleaguered population even if it does not result in my own romantic fulfilment. It’s my penance for my slutty life and penance feels mighty good.

      • I understand your desire to be tied into the Manosphere. (pun intended)

        I would not have come across your blog if it were not listed there. In any case my advice was not for blogging but for interpersonal communication.

      • Ah Nicaraguan vs Dominican… who can say which child a parent loves the most. So it goes with fine cigars.

        To me the best Nicaraguan is the Liga Privada No9 by Drew Estate. A cigar so dark that in any other brand it would be an oscuro. Thick but supple construction with the scent of fine earth and leather. When you cut it there are no fine shavings just a neat crop and wavy leaves greet you. The dark leaves remind one of the wavy mane of a fine latina maid on a mild evening. As you light a No 9 you will get the soft smolder of ash and as with all fine tobacco that is dark… very little singe above the ash line. Then as you puff the rich smoke you notice the clean but full body with notes of citrus. The first pulls are an easy draw with absolutely no acrid ammonia taste you get with lesser smokes. By the first half inch you see the fine tight ash and know you are in for a quality smoke. The enjoyment just goes on and on. Like rolling waves you know that there should be a peak. A pinnacle where the taste fades and the draw becomes difficult. But no with this fine stick there is no let down you can keep it up until the very end. I recommend Toro Vitola on the No 9… it’s just about 2 hours of heaven.

        Ah but Dominicans… there is a tale. If having a No9 were compared to making love. Smoking a Dominican is like a BDSM scene. I like La Flor Dominica (LFD). And of those I do enjoy the ORO Toro. It comes wrapped in a spanish cedar sleeve and it’s own gold colored Tubo. Not the best presentation but like a garish sex shop… the ORO get’s your attention. when you un cap it and remove the sleeve you can see a dark cigar of quality construction. A bit more firm than the No9 but still steady in the hand. When you cut it you are surprised that the ORO’s leaves are lighter brown inside. Much like discovering a lady’s cuffs and collars don’t match you are tempted to think the cigar is just a cheap street smoke. But no you feel the firm construction and decide to light her anyway. Thick oily smoke assaults your senses. This is a full bodied, full smoke stick. She gives reluctantly , the draw is not as easy with many smokes and you can feel the kick of nicotine… yes you are smoking a lot of Ligero from the top of the plant. In fact in the first inch you feel a bit light headed by the impact of this saucy tramp of a stick. But you will not let this smoke do you in, oh no you will bend it to your will and smoke to the last. It is an effort because the ORO does not let up. She will fight you like a strong headed filly. But in the end you know you have smoked a strong one. And that is the difference. Nicaraguans are the cigars you take home and enjoy allowing them to slowly reveal their charms. Dominicans are the ones you grab on and experience their virtue to the fullest taking what you want.

        does that complete the demonstration.

      • Oh my God! I’m going to need a smoke after that! Is it hot in here? That was not fair, Sir. Now I’m a wreck! So, when are you coming down to Southwest Florida? Nice cigars here. Even some Cubanos. I know just the place. 🙂

      • It’s funny you mention Cubanos… I just had two Monte Cristo (real cuba) last week. I was traveling in Asia for business.

        Going to Florida is not out of the question… how should I contact you.

  3. “Therefore the population of my romantic interest is a narrow intersection of both passionate anti-feminist,…” Maybe I missed something, but i wonder if a candidate (for you) could just be indifferent to ‘feminism,’ yet have all the other qualifications? I find self-proclaimed feminists of either sex boring, and do not wish to used my precious energies in being ‘anti-‘..

    • That description fit Axel to a T however look where that got me. In the end he fell victim to the machinations of women. Sorry but I think I need one pre-inoculated a.k.a. trial by fire.

  4. Interesting article, even in the bdsm community, due to the indoctrinations of feminism and falling for the social construct, few know the difference between a wife and a sub, most too brainwashed to know there is a difference.
    A wife’s place is where her husband desires her to be, a sub will most often still place some ideology or treasured belief above her Dom, never actually placing her man in the position of Master or Husband.
    I have reached a conclusion, until some cataclysmic event people, if one can call such a beast human, are beyond reaching.

    • There is always going to be fervent disagreement on the definitions of terms that are held as sacred to the adherents. The persons in charge of writing dictionaries are often ideologically motivated and that ideology is likely the same one as the guy printing the dictionary. Martin Luther was the guy who thought it would be great to print a Bible in German. Then there was that King James fella, and so on.

      The Tower of Babel myth, to me, illustrates this concept, that eventually language ceases to have meaning in the face of megalomania and thereby divides into subdivisions. That is happening, in my view, on the internet with English now.

      I can appreciate that these definitions of terms have meaning to you and in a Christian sense, I agree, that “wife” has that meaning. However, just how many “wives” today agree with that definition? Moreover, there are always exceptions. It is true, that in the eyes of most religions, I belong with my criminal husband in Venezuela. However, we were not married under the auspices of any religion and he further didn’t meet the definition of “husband” by any religion I know. There is a problem conflating the civil and the religious when it comes to these terms in a pluralistic society. In the case of my criminal husband he was a foreigner to boot. All that said, I’m looking forward to the day when I can legally call myself a widow even though I probably already am.

      Meanwhile, marriages have been annulled for all sorts of reasons, but when one is a King, like Henry VIII, sometimes a new religion is in order.

      As far as I’m concerned and in Axel’s own words, we considered our commitment and bond sacred and reaching beyond death and so that connection is something that is going to be with me forever. You can disagree of course, but, as an anonymous person on the internet, that doesn’t have a whole lot of influence on my faith and belief.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • I have little care to quibble with those blinded acculturated women who choose to believe a socially imposed definition of wife, truth is truth which can be proven to those who are able to see past their own hubris and prejudice, or willful ignorance. However, I have seen some so blinded by their beliefs they are unable to see. Sad.

        I care naught for religion. Most religious people don’t even have a clue about the tenents they profess. If by religious, bible thumpers, saying you should be with your ex, they don’t even know their own bible, of those who do know the bible few will go to church, and I have yet to know one who does know it to still call themselves religious.

        “As far as I’m concerned and in Axel’s own words, we considered our commitment and bond sacred and reaching beyond death and so that connection is something that is going to be with me forever. You can disagree of course, but, as an anonymous person on the internet, that doesn’t have a whole lot ”

        Only an ignorant person could disagree.

      • I’ve participated in enough discussions of terms in the BDSM world to realize that gynocentrism basically means that women get to call themselves whatever they want and it means whatever they say it is. That said, I’ve tried “girlfriend,” “submissive,” “primary partner,” “slave,” “significant other,” “fiancée,” “wife,” and “submissive,” and for me “submissive,” works, but that’s because “slut,” “ragdoll,” and “fuck-puppet,” are considered impolite language and otherwise degrading terms to use in public. Pity.

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