Entertain me for free, you meanie!

I know that civilization is doomed when a reader (presumably male) denies that I am entertaining and yet continues to comment.

Is that not what feminists do?

The feminist and her great-grandmother, the suffragette, expect guaranteed outcomes for all effort. Some of that effort is merely obedience. For example, if a website declares, “click here,” and the reader obeys, then a reward of some sort is expected.

This reward is “free stuff” whether it is entertainment, education, advertisement, propaganda or some hybrid notwithstanding that a sufficient barrage of “clicks” might add up to a small value to the entities involved in the “click” mechanism; i.e., the sender and the receiver, which may even be monetary. For example, advertising placements may be priced according to “hits” and/or the demographic make-up of those “hits”.

WordPress, the host of this site, probably does something like that when it occasionally places ads on this site or its other sites. However, since I don’t pay them for this space I can expect that WordPress somehow finds a way to extract value from my participation herein and that of my readers.

To that end, it doesn’t really matter if I offer anything of value here or not to my readers, so long as they click and hit me. Petulant comments are therefore of equal value to praise, in theory. However, truthfully, I personally obtain more value from insults because I think they are funny and ironic.

Imagine a juggler on a street corner entertaining the passerby but yet not passing the hat afterwards. Now imagine a passerby voluntarily stopping to observe but being disappointed in the costume that the juggler wears. Imagine that same passerby conceding that the juggler has juggling expertise but is incensed that the juggler has wasted his time by wearing a disappointing costume without expressing exactly what changes to such a costume would assuage the passerby’s disappointment.

Sometimes this blog is free entertainment for yours truly, delivered right to my door.

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