Personal Ad, Dominant Man Wanted

Dominant man, tobacco and BDSM enthusiast, sought for a serious, long-term relationship, ideally developing into a cohabitation.

I offer my services as an experienced submissive, housekeeper, chef, hostess, personal shopper, laundress, valet, travel agent/companion, workout buddy, technical writer, editor, publisher, nutritionist, singer/songwriter, and of course nearly all manner of heterosexual sexual services—sorry, I do not switch and I do not peg.

I am also a decent interior house-painter and cabinet assembler and pack a mean boxed lunch. With that, I wish to demonstrate that I am trainable, listen well, and learn quickly.

I am also an experienced permaculture farmer and livestock manager however I have PTSD related to those areas and therefore such a situation offers significant challenges.

I am in possession of a sweet grandfathered-in lease deal in a quiet and secure retirement community, which when split two ways could be an ideal situation. I can handle it alone but what fun is that?

The BDSM experience of the man of my interest is less important to me than the strength of his character. I like to believe that I give as well as I get. All that said I am an unusual person with an unusual life history and therefore adventurers encouraged—sticks-in-the-mud and Leftists discouraged.

I will consider a part time “snowbird” or any other style of relationship that two adults can devise, except, I am not interested in being the third wheel for an existing couple. While I will share, I don’t play with women except on a purely casual or exhibitionist basis (i.e., for his benefit) and certainly not with a feminist or a woman seeking to wield any sort of power over yours truly.

Please feel free to peruse this blog or my profile at FetLife in order to get a better idea of who I am and just how difficult it is going to be for me to find the right match. Specifically, here is what I am looking for: Characteristics.

Please respond by using the contact form here or via my FetLife profile.

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