I’ve Got Nothing

One of the consequences of my anti-feminist beliefs is to be a magnet for expressions of masculine discontent. I am sympathetic and wish I could help. Sometimes the prevailing hostility and hysteria of womankind is awfully daunting and unfortunately no less daunting to yours truly. My advantages compared to a heterosexual man are obvious however:

  1. I don’t need female approval in order to be given expressions of heterosexual love and acceptance.
  2. I am not automatically expected to yield to the demands of borderlines, hysterics, victim-mongers, and special snowflakes.
  3. Sometimes I have a particular insight as to the workings of the female mind being that I own one.

It is unfortunate that discussions that I have with men with regard to the otherwise unfathomable actions of their womanfolk don’t tend to actually lead to either change for them or anything approaching what I think of as heterosexual love and acceptance for me.

Rather, it would seem, after hours (and perhaps even days) of listening to these men who confide in me, these men perhaps get a second wind with regard to their heroic tolerance of inexcusable female behavior, and hop right back into the fray.

The only thing I gain is demonstration of my own integrity and honesty toward myself and perhaps even a little validation from him. Being a female anti-feminist is not a successful pick-up strategy when one is a female masochist. Therefore, aspersions from feminists that I’m only in this for benefit of male attention are spurious. If male attention were what I was after, I would make an effort to be less dogmatic, less opinionated, and less intellectually full-of-myself. However, in terms of my conscience with regard to my observations of the degradation of society, I don’t believe that my own carnal needs outweigh the need to express myself.

After all, I can get away with it a whole lot better than a man can.

On a similar level, expressing my observations to women themselves with regard to their hypocritical behavior and rhetoric doesn’t earn me any brownie points. Rather it makes me vulnerable to attacks from such women while simultaneously scares away (or repels) men further with regard to my apparent fearlessness and willingness to express unpopular viewpoints. About the only social currency such actions garner me is the recognition that I am somewhat more free of such hypocrisy than most women and am otherwise some sort of oasis of sanity in a sea of insanity.

The irony of a survivor like me being considered “sane” what with my PTSD is not lost on me. However, on the other hand, I believe that my own trauma did have the dubious benefit of eliminating blind spots that I would otherwise be under the delusion that I didn’t have. It goes right back to a recurrent theme of my blog which is that knowledge for its own sake is not necessarily socially beneficial.

Since women tend to have a greater need for social currency, and our modern times provides women the delusion that knowledge increases social currency, it is inevitable that women as well as men will eventually come to suffer from this delusion.

In a sense, I believe, that what I and many other women need is an anti-knowledge pill. Such a thing, in my fantasy, would create hope and optimism among the newly minted useful idiots we would be. This in turn would garner hope and optimism among our menfolk.

Everyone would feel better.

I’m open to suggestions.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Got Nothing

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  2. While I’m male, and can’t speak directly to what a women can do under these circumstances, I have a kind of universally meaningful solution to both the interaction with prospects, and with Moaning Minnies:

    Maintain a cordon sanitaire of the things ones believes in around oneself. Take whomever can get through it with some seriousness, take everyone outside of it with friendly, distant neglect.

    Do not bother with acting anything out, such as “game” or appeals to humanity with intent, or remaking anything about oneself. If they want a floor show or kabuki-like fantasy role-playing, they should engage with someone else.

    As for ALL of them, hold them to the standard of decency one expects of oneself. However even then, there really aren’t many reasons to confide in them deeply, know that much about them, or anything else.

    Just observe what they do. How they treat others, and so forth.

    • Excellent advice. All that assumes however that one’s cordon sanitaire has not itself become dull and annoying. This woman here it turns out is not an island. If there comes to be a siege in terms of prevention of the shipment of tobacco and martinis within its waters I predict cannibalism. 😀

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