Why Do Women Hate Each Other?

I am inspired by Rise of the Victim Conquerors by David Cole.

He asks “Why” would mixed-race actresses such as Francesca Quartey desire to obliterate indigenous Swedish genes and culture. I would like to address that question here.

I believe that women who exhibit dominant genes are threatened by women who exhibit recessive genes at a deep instinctual level. Men are always going to be more attracted to women who exhibit recessive genes because they can confirm their own paternity. See Harvard PhD student finds a correlation between race and IQ. Harvard students says even if it’s true, it shouldn’t be a topic of research. Everybody is wrong by Janet Bloomfield a.k.a. Judgy Bitch:

Here’s a little pet theory of mine I’d like to throw out, just for the hell of it.  I think humans prefer lighter skin and hair and eye colors because those tend to be the result of recessive genes.  A man with darker tones who has a child with a woman of lighter tones will almost always see his genes expressed in the children.  Dark tones tend to be dominant.  The preference for lighter skin is a natural paternity test.

Moreover (my theory now), men raised by single-mothers are going to pick up on their mother’s discomfiture and envy of all women who appear to have higher sexual value, and transmit that rage onto those women as some sort of subconscious attempt to make mommy happy (because as the “sonsband” it’s his job). This is how male SJW’s are born.

Some of these men eventually come to transcend such a notion however it isn’t a given for the more marginal populations.

Nowadays, thanks to technology, Black women can subject themselves to skin bleaching, hair straightening, and otherwise “pass”; however, then they are in conflict with the “pride” of their own mothers who they subconsciously feel that they have betrayed. Rather than deal with those feelings, the more likely scenario for a weak individual (and most humans are weak) is to continue to transmit rage onto her own mother’s genetic competitors.

As for Francesca Quartey, however, judging from her own comments as quoted by David Cole (in the top link), we’re talking pure Electra Complex here such as to desire to eliminate her own mother’s culture and racial lineage. Does she have any recessive gene girlfriends? I doubt it. Is she an insufferable prima donna? Obviously.

A similar situation applies to all women who exhibit dominant genes. They possess deep primitive urges that one day all women with recessive genes are degraded, enslaved, and eliminated, even if such wishes are effectively subsumed, transcended, atoned for, etc. However, all women—regardless of genes—age, and thereby their sexual and social value is going to be threatened by any prevailing standard of beauty that they can’t meet. It is a function of maturity, noblesse oblige, and privilege that prevents constant catfighting. Such attributes aren’t doled out equally.

Transmitting that rage onto the mythical concept of “The Patriarchy,” is another option.

As the value of women in general degrades such that “beauty” is the only benefit to man they’ve got going for them (while, charm, grace, domestic tranquility, and maternity go the way of the Dodo Bird), the intensity of this catfighting increases. When “The Patriarchy” (typically caught in the crossfire) is degraded, this results in the reduction of possibility that any man will find any woman attractive enough to dare to approach.

Of course these primal and instinctive feelings need not rule a person, particularly when such a person is educated, privileged, etc.. However, in marginal populations these feelings become obvious. In the case of overcrowding of persons relative to resources even more obvious.

Transcendence of primitive feelings is not available to all persons regardless of education or indoctrination. Thereby forcible integration of girls with recessive genes into such populations is going to, perversely, make those recessive genes more coveted, rarer, more desirable, and otherwise a greater target of envy. Even the debasement of such recessive gene girls or brainwashing them into “tolerance” doesn’t help. The only thing that’s going to help is when men who exhibit dominant genes are somehow incentivized to keep their women from ruling their own lives; and men who exhibit recessive genes keep their precious daughters protected.

Such behavior in men is only going to happen, however, I’m afraid, when we as a civilization have devolved into complete chaos.

As a representative of what I hope is that portion of womankind possessing maturity, reason, noblesse oblige, and common sense, I urge you men to start keeping your women down. Me too! I’m more than happy to be a slave to my kitchen, boudoir, and parlor. I am perfectly tamable.

I’ve left the doors and windows unlocked. There’s food in the kitchen, booze in the cabinets, and luxury cigarettes of my own blend rolled.

I invite women to chime in here with their similar sentiments, to include those who are younger, more beautiful, and possessing of more or less recessive genes. Have at it.

We prefer Patriarchal Slavery to chaos. Please!

12 thoughts on “Why Do Women Hate Each Other?

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  4. Why do women hate one another?

    In general terms, it doesn’t matter. Avoid moral midgets, and you’d never find yourself asking such a question.

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