Differences Between Dominants

Just like being a transgender who calls itself a “woman,” just calling oneself a “Dominant” means nothing.

Some men attract women honestly and others use deception. For example, a man who does not possess great quantities of “masculinity,” such as say potency, productivity, strength, leadership, authority, conviction, etc., may decide to take up a deceptive game such as to appeal to the narcissistic tendencies of women in order to bed them.

Such men tend to take up or be granted positions of leadership within the BDSM world. They become the “authorities” as to what constitutes “consent,” “proper treatment of women,” “intelligence,” “safety,” and “etiquette.”

Eventually, upon attracting a sufficient coterie of weak-minded admirers, their “leadership,” is actualized.

Meanwhile, my four years of Axel gave me a sorely needed alternate viewpoint.

Whereas he too was once a “respected leader,” “Dungeonmaster,” and otherwise widely respected for his viewpoints, the work of a few vindictive, mercenary, and jealous individuals separated him from the authority which he never sought in the community but which he accepted as a responsibility to those apparently weaker than he. While he then proceeded to lose pretty much everything, with all his fair-weather BDSM “friends” finding new ways to take advantage of his straits. Eventually, of course, weak people came calling desirous of bestowing upon him new “authority,” supposedly because the perks of tons of pussy (and its convincing imitators) being thrown at him was sufficient inducement. The notion that Axel would need to devote significant energy toward moneymaking ventures rather than dole out “Dominance” like candy never occurred to them.

However, what these persons willing to volunteer responsibility upon Axel failed to realize is that even when his metaphorical shingle was removed from the walls of their hallowed halls, the flow of aspiring “submissives” never wavered. It might have been a shock and surprise to same that there was little in the way of money available to bestow on such “submissives” as honorariums on their “submissiveness,” but yet the flow didn’t stop. It merely by necessity elevated itself largely away from narcissistic parasites onto those capable of feeding and housing themselves.

Some of these “submissives” were doubtless disappointed that not even the possibility of fame or money was enough to dislodge Axel from the fifth wheel he and I shared except for one night at a time. It was therefore assumed that I must have vastly unusual sexual skills. I anticipated this notion early on and therefore wrote a book. Since I knew that the questions would be forthcoming about me in terms of the most intimate details, I made the simple request that all pillow-talk questions asked about me be responded to by the phrase, “buy the book.”

I figured, if I was lending to these women (and transwomen) the best Dominant there is (was), then they were “entitled” to nothing else from me but could fork over the price plus handling and postage themselves (from which I receive a very modest portion) and otherwise take some responsibility in answering their own questions. I know, that’s hard. Reading is hard. Most people expect me to spoonfeed myself to them in manageable little attention-span-free bites according to their own inane questions.

The book itself is not much of a moneymaker for me but I respect those who take the effort to actually dedicate some time and a little money to the thing. I have even been so cruel as to bury valuable tidbits within it albeit thoughtfully indexed. As a result, to my knowledge, the only reader who truly and wholly understands the book happens to be a young lady with strong attention to detail with a significant intellect and attention span. I know this because we have discussed my book together at length.

Once I returned to the BDSM community which I thought I knew and which had wholly been subsumed by gynocentrism and liberalism I thought I would try to do my part to show women why the Axels of the world had removed themselves from it and what they, as women, could do in order to attempt to attract some of them into their own little worlds.

One of my former, long-ago Dominants who was once a lauded leader in the BDSM community, has become a significant political voice in state politics. Although he himself is sheltered from the limelight for obvious reasons, it is from him and his ilk that the whole “consent culture” is clearly spawned. The fact that there is also a significant anti-male/anti-Christian bias to these notions is no accident.

He doesn’t understand how I could have so thoroughly and completely switched political allegiances (from Democrat to seriously considering registering Republican). It would appear that he assumes that I have somehow transformed into an “uneducated” person.  I on the other hand, am less surprised that he is now effectively a “submissive,” which is what he always was. As a “Dominant,” he was a sheep in wolves’ clothing. He put on that mantle in order to get a better field of “submissive” women to pick from and from whom his intention was to convert into “Dominants”. I resisted that conversion. Bye bye.

Meanwhile, it should come as no surprise to me that the BDSM community has devolved into an entirely narcissistic field in which supposedly sex and love comes with allegiance to liberal political orthodoxy. Thanks but no thanks. Even in the more “conservative” sectors, women control the discourse and the money, one way or another. I’ve no doubt that there are sectors which are more secretive and otherwise more careful about vetting; however, at my age and with my baggage I doubt that I would be considered for membership. Which is fine. I’m not much of a “joiner” anyway. It wouldn’t interest me if there’s any possibility that I would have to answer to the authority of a woman—or a man who acts and thinks like one.

Moreover, I have nothing in common with Atheists, who do not recognize that morality comes from authority, and therefore, the authority of an Atheist is suspect.

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