The Female Resource

Are all men entitled to chat up all women? Apparently so. For example, I was recently called “a moran” (sic) by a submissive man who responded to my ad seeking a Dominant man, by calling me “one weird lady,” and wasn’t happy with my response, which was:

Approval from submissive men and the women who dominate them not solicited here.

That poor man. As a man whose sexuality is ostensibly obedient to feminist rhetoric by offering his body as a service to all sadistic women, the notion that he would take time off from his busy day fielding overtures from these women in order to grace my inbox with a message telling me how “weird” I am, is difficult for me to believe. Surely the onslaught of women desiring to dominate him could not possibly afford him to make such an effort. The fact that he did such should engender in me nothing but gratitude, i.e., I should have thanked him for his sacrifices. Right? I mean, such sacrifice does absolutely nothing for me and even in fact makes me just a wee bit nauseous, however, such an attitude is emblematic of a moran like me. My sexuality is wrong, or rather moranic. Right?

Now let it be said, I do not desire the force of government in order to protect my delicate sensibilities (and stomach) from submissive men. Rather, I think that my poisoned pen provides more than adequate protection, in most cases, from “The Chivalry Police.” In fact, not having much to write about today other than to make an example out of this boob does in fact engender in me a sense of gratitude.

I would like to thank all submissive men for continuously reaffirming my value as a female resource obviously in need of their attentions, education, and good-intentions. Thank you so much for being obedient stooges to rhetoric and otherwise creating an environment where hysterical women use hysterical means in order to shut down offensive discourse using the force of the law (and voluntary censorship). Apparently everything that borderline and sadistic women want is good and I should accept that notion into my heart (and groin) such as to be sexually stimulated by it.

I really should. I should also quit smoking. Moreover, I should also quit craving the attention of assholes who like to shove bad things in my mouth. Then I would surely be happy if probably still a moran.

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