The Solution!

Thanks tofor telling it like it is:

The reality is that Western civilization is unique among the great civilizations of the world in that it was founded upon dissent rather than consensus, that it alone fostered the idea of individual liberty, and that it rose above all others because of this. And so the egalitarian collectivists whose dissent was permitted because of such principles hated it for this, and strove to tear it down, not for its sins, which were replicated on some scale by all other civilizations, but for its virtues, which were antithetical to their loathsome principles. For the last half century the West and all it stands for has been under attack from a relentless propaganda campaign designed to shame it out of existence. It is high time to shrug off white guilt and make not just America, but the entire West great again.

Reproduced with permission.

Here’s how we take back our countries.

Manly he-men need to start fabricating kissing booths right now, to be placed in all heavy pedestrian traffic areas for all future elections, to include primaries, in all Western States in danger of Cultural Marxist and “Refugee” infestation. Make them pretty, with flowers, and pretty colors. These booths need to radiate approachability.

Here is the signage:

Kissing Booth (Ladies only!)

Price List:

Regular Chaste Kiss: Donation $10

Special Passionate Kiss: Donation $20

Deluxe Passionate Kiss, with Dip:
Your original, unmarked, absentee ballot
(must show ID!)

We’ll need a few female volunteers milling about swooning, wiping the men’s sweaty brows, offering them sandwiches, cookies, lemonade, showing customers how it’s done, etc. The parties ought to be dressed up sort of like this:

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Bring in the crowd by having handsome men patrolling the perimeter, talking up all the bitter and ugly ladies, telling them that it’s OK, that here’s her chance to do the right thing, etc. Hand them flowers. Get down on one knee. Ham it up. Be sure to get everyone on video.

Have big strong females standing by, observing the action, in case any prospective customers go batshit postal. If there’s guff, offer them a hankie for their ‘Proud Strong Female Tears.’ Whatever it takes.

To the side, have volunteers at tables “helping” absentee ballot donors complete their ballots properly, sealing envelopes, and making regular deliveries to a mailbox. When the ballot is delivered to the mailbox, and only then, the lady can have a kiss.

After the kiss, present her with a “Free Deluxe Kiss. Bring back one of your lady friends and if she donates, your next kiss is free!” coupon.

Meanwhile, married and attached men can start setting the terms now with their female significant others in terms of what to do with that absentee ballot when it arrives in the mail. Hint: You get to complete it for her.

This is how it’s done.

Bodice Ripper Politics!

If anyone can recommend a germ-resistant chap stick for these heroes of our various Republics, Monarchies, et al, please step up.

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