Ruby Ruby Ruby

Kill Kind

Milk Honey Sesame Seed

Bursting Draining Bitching

Sharp Teeth

Choked with a plug of wood

The Paralyze Tree


Mocha’s Great Big Tounge Licking my Face Clean in the Dark Room

The Hoist

Ruby broken into pieces

I’m so sorry

All I had were emeralds

The red and white polka dotted dress was still trapped in the Dragon’s Lair

The tide finally went out all the way

I hope that you made it to Portugal

The cocktail was filled with the dead

We could not sail with her

She was still in Spain





I was surprised I found El Caballo y El Caballero

He flies on Sal

I am still trapped in the Bay of Musketeers. Or maybe it’s the Salt Marsh.

La Rochelle/La Roche/El Moro

Who will throw the first stone?

I was trying to create something beautiful

A spell in Costa Rica

Carlos Del Ray

Folded paper filled with pork

The witch cackled

The trees wept

Rolled away lost

I open my hands

Nothing to hold nothing to lose

It worked! I cannot remember her name

Please take it all

I don’t want another thing

Suck it all out

Set me free

Cooking with gas

Pressure Building

I wonder if the Octagons at Fort Ross release Gualala?

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