Risk Management

Before I was blacklisted in the Silicon Valley as a technical writer for my role in perpetuating faulty, agenda-ridden, transparent investment risk management formulae; and before I was robbed, gaslit, etc., by a criminally-incompetent Chinese American orthopaedic surgeon with a PhD in pathology; and before I fell deeply in love with a man who died of a form of cancer which has been an epidemic among men of a certain age group willing to take the risk of putting “bad” things in their mouths; I coincidentally engaged in relationships with individuals who were particularly adept in the concept of “Risk management” for the portfolios of certain Fortune 100 companies.

Those companies are still around today, those men are still around today, and so am I. Certain men of my past are now dead from self-inflicted gunshot wounds, illness, and diabetes. However, most of those who I know and have managed to get in touch with are not only still alive and kicking but are free of illness of all known physical causes. Psychological torture, however, of one kind and another is epidemic. Fear raises cortisol, promotes inflammation, and otherwise makes one more vulnerable to a host of illnesses, not all of them necessarily deemed “curable” by conventional medicine.

It is also my belief and observation based on research that testosterone provides the ability to manage a higher level of risk, on a rational, scientific, and biochemical level; whereas estrogen promotes paranoia and cortisol production.

It is my belief based on research and the research of numerous PhD’s of my acquaintance that low-cholesterol and forms of genetic illnesses that make one prone to poor metabolism of certain B vitamins to include alcoholism make one more susceptible to aversive risk-taking behavior.

In order to survive, we all have to engage in our own forms of risk management however, the notion of how to calculate risk is unfortunately subject to bias. The risk of promoting a “shaming war” against men because of the possibility that they engage in a more calculated and successful form of risk-management has not yet been calculated.

The risk of promoting a “shaming war” against women who are also willing to accept a level of risk higher than that deemed appropriate by governing bodies has also not been calculated.

The question I ask is this: Do you actually trust your doctor, pharmacist, and investment counselor more than you trust your heart? If so, who the Hell are you to try to shame me about anything!

Do you trust men who call themselves “Scientists” who are afraid to defy government-promoted narratives?

While it is true that I have a high IQ, and a higher-than-average capacity for learning, I accept that I am a woman and therefore require, in order to go on living, Love as well as Money. It would seem that I will also require an enormously powerful and confident man, who has surrounded himself with honorable men, to include virologists, clinicians, statisticians, analysts, pathologists, geneticists, microbiologists, and who also has within himself the capacity to assess and analyze the level of risk he is willing to assume in order to fall in love with me.

It is possible that the last man willing to assume that risk is dead. It is possible that I and all of his previous partners and doctors are lying in that his illness is or was contagious and that it is or was somehow originated with Katrina, or otherwise prior to meeting me. It is possible that my level of own medical monitoring of my HPV negative status is subject to bias.

What I learned as the third Senior Technical Writer and only one able to complete the publications assignment for a major risk analytics software company, since purchased by a major investment firm, and probably directly responsible for the Greek crisis as well as the various real estate bubble busts that have devastated the economy of the United States (and brought Axel to his knees and the brink of suicide prior to meeting me), and as an “outlaw nutritionist” studying the science and propaganda behind “The Cholesterol Conspiracy,” which also happens to be the name of a book I recommend, specifically: The Cholesterol Conspiracy by Russell L. Smith, PhD., is that the notion of “Risk” is highly politicized and depends on a general public ignorance with regard to the mathematics of statistical analysis.

When it comes to the risk analysis of exotic financial instruments however, selective blind spots on the part of The Securities and Exchange Commission, investors, employees, and clients are all part of the game.

According to most conventional and esoteric forms of risk-analysis calculation, not only do I not exist, and am still alive, I could not possibly be youthful in appearance, but all of the things that I have experienced in my life could not possibly be true.

It is my experience that it takes months for a lawyer to come up to speed (and he or she has no problem charging me for that fact-finding phase), months for a psychiatrist to come up to speed, months for a psychologist to come up to speed, and unknown length of time for various social workers who never came up to speed, and four years for the love of my life to come up to speed.

The persons who I find that I cannot forgive it would seem inadvertently conspired to cast doubt on Axel’s assessment and trust in me while at the same time running away with the money (well, one particular, tiny, manipulative dancer actually made off with it), and now continuing to send private and public goons to intercept me as I make my way around the real world, all trying to get me to move somewhere where they can interview or capture or torture me without the risk of being captured by video cameras. It is starting to drive some of them crazy as they wonder whether I am employing a look-alike or body double as I continuously elude each and every attempt to persuade me to “confess” to crimes I have not committed.

However, those persons are “safe” from me for now. The only persons who are not “safe” from me are those persons determined to convince me that there is no God and that otherwise live human beings are the best suited to determine the level of risk assessment allowed to be assumed by any other human being.

The only possible way that I will accept the authority of another human being today is because that human being loves me and knows that there is no such thing as nothing.

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