Be a Drone, Like Me!

I appreciate all the wonderful advice that men give me, particularly, the heartfelt, good-intentioned advice that I should avoid them.

However, what sort of a woman would I be if I were to respect men who will say anything to make me feel more independent of my desire for them?

There is a difference between the sexes. Many of them in fact. Therefore advice that inevitably is something along the lines of “man up” to me, presupposes that such a man proffering the advice could actually overcome me and thereby I ought to feel as if I should accept his authority on all things.

It is only a man who I feel can overcome me who I could trust to protect me. If a man doesn’t feel that he wants to protect me, why should I follow his advice?

I feel the same thing about Liberalism and The State, neither of which ever lifted a finger to protect me from anyone but myself.

Why on earth would I accept the authority of these institutions? Because they are capable of psychological and physical torture of me such that I lose my soul? Bring it. You have no idea what I have survived.

I suspect that all of this sort of advice that men give me so freely (mostly anonymously and online) comes from the authority of Atheism, i.e., life is pointless therefore we should extend it as long as possible doing things we hate.

I trust in God before I trust in the advice of men who follow the authority of Atheism.

Perhaps in Heaven there are 18 cruel men for me.

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