Young Men Aren’t Afraid of Me

What does it say about a society where men my age and older would appear to be more reticent to approach me in person than younger men? It’s a shame because I tend to have more “maternal” feelings for younger men (even and maybe even especially when they “status signal” me) whereas I don’t believe that I can be owned except by someone whose world experiences rival my own.

Most men are afraid of me I think because of my intense world experiences which unfortunately is how they think of as “Feminist” and thereby castrating.

Understanding that words are cheap, I can reassure men who are reticent about me that I’m not disloyal or dishonorable. However, a lesser man is always going to wonder about those things in me because of my tendency towards complete honesty.

Meanwhile, like jim says:

It is not really in a woman’s nature to belong to herself. Like a dog without a master, it makes her nervous.

There’s no doubt that my nervousness heightens my perceived volatility. However, young men seem to me to be less intimidated by that volatility. Is it because they have fewer bad experiences with that quality?

Today the living person who most inspires my spirituality is one Rupert Sheldrake. He talks about “philosophical materialism” as an obstacle to scientific inquiry.

Although I’ve never met him (only seen him on You Tube) it would seem that he has come up with similar conclusions about the universe, which, ironically, confirms his hypothesis with regard to “morphic resonance” or collective memory.

I think that younger men are less “educated” in terms of the futility of life and the necessity to only perform those things which our masters have decreed as most likely to lead to longevity.

Involvement with a woman like me could crack a brittle world view and result in one’s rapid demise. A more flexible or open world view however is less likely to “crack”.

I suppose that my own world view in that I am so much more comfortable, receptive, and sexual toward men who are older than me might have to crack if I am to appear less volatile. However, what is the likelihood that a younger man would be so foolhardy as to desire to own me?

Can I trust a fool?

Would it be unkind for me to remove such a fool’s delusions?

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