The Romance of It All

A good argument for celibacy.

Our love affair had such promise

We were to have a romantic rendezvous

I would drive across the breadth of the state

My excitement would carry me through

But suddenly the plans were changed

And so a compromise was due

And so we decided to meet in a city park

Such as many lovers do

Inside the park was a parking lot

And so a date was made

We were to meet inside the parking lot

What more romantic a place

Pull up into the parking lot

And examine our license plates

What fun we would have in the parking lot

As we would entwine our fates

Anxiously I would wait to meet him

While inhaling the rich perfumes.

Not of flowers, trees, or the sea

But rather the sweet smell of fumes.

4 thoughts on “The Romance of It All

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  2. What’s wrong with meeting a man for the first time in a parking lot you may ask? Imagine if it was your daughter, mother, or sister going to the meeting and then ask again.

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