Feeling a Bit More Charitable

My site got quite a bit of action from my last piece: Just Not White Enough

I’m feeling a little bit better today and otherwise sympathetic with regard to men who just don’t know what to make of me.

I barely know what to make of myself.

Perhaps I should give Caprizchka a humane execution and just go back to being Caprischka who, as I recall, was a lot more vulnerable and a little less scary.

I learned something about myself recently, thanks to two different decent guys, brave enough to meet me, and that is this:

I need to be the one to voluntarily turn myself over to a man for his ownership. There is no amount of persuasion or trickery which will make me move faster than I am capable of moving, in terms of getting to know each other and establishing trust.

There’s just no rushing that.

Therefore, I hope to eliminate myself from consideration by all pick-up artists and casual players. I’m a whole lot more trouble than I am worth to those types. I’m probably way too much trouble to even bother to meet by most. That’s just the way that it is.

7 thoughts on “Feeling a Bit More Charitable

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      • Actually being independent does exclude being faithful unless you’re talking about a mythical self-contained wonder woman wearing a chastity belt. Government, children, other women, or other men are required for protection/heavy lifting, one way or another, even if one has the money to pay for it or is willing to force someone at the point of a gun. Without a social/familial/generational insurance plan monogamy math falls apart. Not a very sexy response, I realize. See how much better off you are with your wife? Thanks for commenting.

  2. God, Cap, being a literal and admittedly rather dull fellow, your last comment has so many metaphors in it I can’t seem to figure it out. But anyway, it seems quite profound, if rather charmingly mysterious,

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