Just Not White Enough

My personal ad has been going very poorly, that is, if I wanted to get a better idea of the degradation of manhood primarily in my own supposed demographic I’ve got one now.

Of course selection bias is an issue. I know that I am odd and besides suffer from, essentially, a 17-year hiatus from full integration into U.S. society. Axel, during our four wonderful years, indulged me by sheltering me and I am forever grateful to him for that sense of protectiveness that allowed me to be his “left-hand” and nobody else’s. The prior 13 years were spent undergoing brainwashing, malevolent hypnosis, gaslighting, sleep-deprivation, and so on, and therefore, whatever outside contact my international con artist husband allowed me, was entirely without effect. Eventually however he even shut off that spigot entirely.

It was surprising how well Axel and I meshed, in that I was transitioning from a [edit: relationship with a] Chinese orthopedic surgeon with a PhD in pathology to a White master carpenter (General Contractor) with Pennsylvania roots, and 1/4 Navajo blood on his father’s side. Axel’s sheer masculinity, sense of honor, craftsmanship and tradition (he had apprenticed with a Japanese American icon in U.S. wood craftsmanship, ironically), to include 1-percenter traditions, gave me new hope in White American manhood. Therefore, I assumed that this was the demographic that I should pursue in my personal ad respondents, even though I maintained an open-mind, given my life experiences, such as I describe here: My Life as an Ashkenazi/African American/Asian/Native American Male.

Since placing my ad, I have been beset by men desiring for me, a professional writer, to give them private sessions with my brain, online, or on the phone, which, I find to be not only stealing my time but stealing my mind. Actually meeting me, for the most part, is too much trouble for most of them. I’m too scary!

Those brave enough to actually meet me I have nothing but good things to say about them albeit there was no chemistry.

Therefore, obviously, despite my appearances, these guys are just not my demographic. Perhaps, the last U.S. White man with the courage to be my partner and Dominant is dead.

Meanwhile, a female acquaintance assures me that it takes at least two years to recover from a loss like the one I had when Axel died. It is too bad that I don’t have that much time. I could be wrong, but, I don’t think that going back to work is going to have any better results given that the persons who I would be interviewing with are likely to be White men, or even (shudder) White women, who likely as not are either Feminists or over-influenced by SJW ideology in general.

I almost could make an exception with regard to a man who I met in person, while waiting for a perpetual no-show from my personal ad respondents, except that this man who I actually met was so unabashedly vanilla, that relationship would obviously go nowhere. I made the foolish decision to tell him what I was all about, and that about did the poor ninny in. I apologized to him. I know better than to do this. Live and learn…yet again.

Fine. Ciao babies. Ciao to the whole lot of you. Don’t blame me if you see me on the other side of the battlefield. You guys made your choice. Too bad for you that meanwhile I’ve learned a whole lot about what makes you all tick. Sayonara suckers.

4 thoughts on “Just Not White Enough

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  2. I think you’re making a mistake. You’re probably going the:”I’m Chinese-American route.” That’s a huge mistake in today’s dating scene. American guys who want Far East pussy want old fashioned family oriented Oriental women. If they want strong feminist they can go blonde and that will price you out. American guys who have to put up with working women who want it all can go ahead and get a crazy blonde for that aggravation. If you’re Chinese then use it. Tell em you like to cook and want a family. Be as old fashioned as a girl from the Victorian Age. You can’t get that in an American Domestic model…

    • OK. But. Since I’m not Chinese, I’m an American WASP of no particular American geography culture, I don’t think there’s a market for me. I’m also well over the age of “family”. I think I’m more the “prairie” type, that is, I can dress and prepare game pretty well. Realistically, however, I know that I’m over the hill and am thinking that what I ought to be doing is being the international rep for my own line of cigars or something until eventually some man of my acquaintance realizes that deep down I’m a complete pushover. What do you think?

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