What a Moon

I’m positively reeling from it. A whole lot happened. Little of it “good”, but there was something. There was a bit of poetry that came to me from a Disqus user which gave me a bit of optimism. Everything else was frankly in the toilet.

I’m pretty pissed off about the world, my life, etc.

Fortunately, I’m today a bit more optimistic. I scared away some threatening creatures. Some other threatening creatures don’t seem quite so threatening today. Others left on their own accord after putting me through my paces.

The rest of the world is going to Hell in a handbasket but I find that I just don’t give a fuck.

Most people are complete blithering idiots who think that what we all need are buckets of babies. Ever hear of technology and automation, people? Do exponential math much? Ever see some of the new crowd control weapons in action? Stop the planet, let me off. I’m not afraid of what’s on the other side. If you are, well then, I guess we know who is the coward and who isn’t. The only worse possible life I could be having would be an inability to die, like what Axel suffered. Such a thing is sure to result in madness.

I miss Axel badly. At least we were mostly compatible “religiously” even if unexplained events at the end make me wonder about Demons or Kachinas messing with my world, then an Angel soon afterwards. All I can do is pray because there are things coming which are beyond my control and the control of a whole lot of other people.

Got my car fixed for way more than I bargained for in more ways than one.

I opened the door of my world, and in came an unexpected force. Fortunately, I believe that it has passed. Meanwhile, I’ve had about enough of “Dominant” men using my mind for sport. I hope you all get exactly what you deserve. I’ve got a trip across Florida to make and if I’m afraid it’s only because it’s something new and untried and I’m just world-weary.

What’s the worst that could happen?

On a lighter note. Here’s my quickie history of the world and how it all went awry (not “the Pill” you idiots!) as quoted from my own comment on Disqus:

If you want to get technical, it all started when Egyptian slaves were fed gruel, as soon as possible after birth, rather than mother’s milk, because more tiny-brained slaves are “better” than a few strong and healthy slaves with maternal bonds.

This practice over time of reducing breast feeding along with forced migrations eliminating women’s synchronizing with the moon resulted in irregular but curiously increased fertility thereby limiting the possibility that a slave could engage in anything approaching “family planning”. Good! More slaves good!

Fast forward to the Civil War, then WW I, and we had a situation of way too many unmarriagable women competing for a narrow field of less-than-damaged men or PTSD-lite, if she’s lucky.

Time for another war to even further reduce the pool of healthy men and increase the pool of bitter spinsters who now had men’s jobs and the vote! Still! Even after Prohibition! Even after Abolition! Thanks to that, the costs of slavery are now fully socialized! Well done Federal Income Tax!

Meanwhile, we have the Flexner Report whereby it was seen to be of paramount importance to reduce the mortality of infants and women in childbirth particularly the poorest of the poor and thereby produce more industrial workers thereby lowering the cost of labor. To that end Medical Schools were accredited based on Flexner’s study of French prostitutes and midwives were put out of business.

Americans then proceeded to reproduce themselves out of any sort of reasonable chance of opportunity (other than to be a slave of course) and so stopped pumping out slaves, or to be kind, slave support system administrators, because after all, that’s a great job with a title!

Others started simply coming out “defective” or like the various actors known as “rats in a cage”.

Kinsey normalized the manufacturing of more and more “defective” children.

While meanwhile The New Deal and the Great Society rewarded poor women for producing more and more of them.

Eventually, the “defectives” came to believe that they were approaching the numbers of the “normals” and that soon the tide would turn and they would be…the majority…and thereby “normal”!

Others desperately tried to convert to “normal” and had more and more “defective” children while engaging in that “normal”.

The moral is, we should all have more babies, because more babies good! Fewer babies bad. Poor babies extra good. Let’s import more of them.

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