So-Called Justice

I’m having a devil of a time finding a lawyer with the confidence to take on either of my cases on a contingency basis and therefore I assume that these are lost causes. If I were to pay such a lawyer up front, how do I know if he has any confidence that we’ll prevail when it would appear to be in his advantage to just string things along indefinitely? I’m not only not made of money I’m losing confidence, energy, enthusiasm, etc.

Sure, if I want to fork over a couple of thousand dollars (if I had such to throw away), there are lawyers willing to take on the “gamble”.

Here’s the first case. It will be uncontested.

My missing international con-artist husband purchased this plot of farmland in South Carolina and then did absolutely nothing to it, i.e., it is unused, taxes haven’t been paid, the neighboring farmers probably want it to eventually go for auction at a loss. See: The Parcel.

Some other party, probably an adjacent property owner, is mowing it.

Said husband owes me twice the value of that property in unpaid spousal support.

It looks like I will be once again visiting the courthouse, authoring my own motion, then put through my paces if the judge isn’t feeling magnanimous that day or if the court says that I can’t because I’m not a lawyer.

Here’s the second case. I assume that no one else has beat me to the fact. I am my missing husband’s sole heir albeit there are estranged adult children from a previously dissolved marriage. (We’re still married albeit we too are estranged. Yet, it  was my money, for what that’s worth.)

There are bank accounts in Germany. One of the banks wrote to me to inquire about my husband’s address. This tells me that he is dead. I need to make a claim on those accounts pending the possibility that I’ll one day be able to declare him legally dead. The main thing is to get statements such as to inspire me and whoever else to press forward that the accounts aren’t depleted, say. One account that has my name on it (as a secondary account holder) is still in good standing, and getting the rights to it would give me the funds to pursue the other accounts that just have my husband’s name on them.

I think that I should try to get a job with an international law firm and otherwise ingratiate myself with persons who might see the opportunity in helping me on a contingency basis. Not as “a favor” but for the possibility that we would all get a payoff. However, it is my experience that ordinary people don’t believe my story until they review all the evidence and get to know me. That’s the best thing I have going that I am in fact a person of character if not substance.

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