The Truth vs. the Untruth

Because of my history and experiences therein, generally speaking, any consensus wrought by emotional manipulation is one which I will reject. If emotional appeals and threats of exclusion or rejection accompany any argument whatsoever whether it is political, scientific, sociological, religious, etc., if non-faith in the assertion means that I will be rejected or excluded from benefits then I assume that it isn’t true.

Something that is true does not require democracy or a cheerleading squad. The truth is that which is borne out by evidence over a long period of time. Very few scientific, psychological, or economic studies are afforded a long enough time horizon to demonstrate the irreversibility of a “truth” given a changing environment. Therefore, a single study that represents a radical change in thought is useless.

Meanwhile, history shows that mob hysteria tends to drown out truth.

In an Idiocracy this will happen sooner than later because conformity and “belonging” to a tribe of idiots would appear to be more important to the idiot than truth.

However, if the appearance of a single dissenter is enough for all the “truth-tellers” to collapse into a fit of hysteria then as far as I’m concerned, even if my stance (for I am a born rebel) happens to be incorrect in the long run, by simply refusing to keep company with such idiots, I am vindicated.

On the other hand, any man willing to sacrifice his own views and closely held beliefs simply for the benefit of the pleasure of my company isn’t worth much to me. If he is willing to consider my opposing viewpoint and then come to a reasoned change of his own, alone, without any pressure from me, that’s a different story. If we discover that there are simply things in which we must agree to disagree, that is also acceptable. Similarly, I may come to my own reasoned change of viewpoint based on his own arguments.

Unfortunately, this stance means that I must confine my aspirations of romance to a very small pool of men who likely as not are already getting pussy thrown at them from all directions. If instead, I am forced to simply be a teacher of men who then go forth to create their own converts with the ideologies and viewpoints I have imparted upon them then I will be celibate.

Deep down I hope that an unrepentant sapiosexual is looking for just such a woman as myself and is open-minded to the possibility that my own sexual fantasies and psyche are not the same as those women of his experience such that he is willing to learn of my unusual “truth” and not be put off by my nonconformity. I would expect such a man to be patient enough to wait until I feel so inclined to share with him my truth rather than force me to let down all barriers based on blind faith.

I am not willing to sacrifice my truths and principles purely for sex. If my choice is between truth and sex then I choose truth. If this demonstrates that I am in fact biologically female (I am), then so be it.

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