Wordsmiths, Engineers, Mathematicians, and Artists

Inspired by:

The First Rule of White Club

It would seem to me that the word, “intellectual” has become synonymous with “academic”.

There are certain laws of nature however that individuals of each of these disciplines either fail to grasp deliberately or are merely brainwashed and delusional. How to tell? Mere language alone? Or would a polygraph or hypnotherapist reveal the truth?

Are good intentions sufficient justification to engage in evil? How does one tell for certain?

Semantic wars as to which demographic is more evil, have started to escalate. Is it Whites, Blacks, Asians, Semites, Indios, Aryans, etc., etc.? Or is it Christians, Jews, Muslims, Confucians, etc.? Are fortune tellers evil while religious scholars virtuous? Do genes reveal all answers or is it microbes, viruses, “good” and “bad” bacteria, or mitochondria?

Are there different kinds of Jews? Are there different kinds of Whites? Are there different kinds of Blacks? Are Semites of a one mind?

Is Edgar Allen Poe a genius or a hack? How about Ta-Nehisi Coates?

Perhaps Planned Parenthood has had a monopoly on fetus trafficking for too long.

As for Pro-Lifers, I’ve no doubt that most of them are good intentioned.

Poor Whites who live and work near poor Blacks are not all racists. Some of them are merely good at math.

Is to be good at math evil? Or stupid?

What does the Mighty Wurlitzer have to say?

This message is for the fathers of daughters. It might have seemed like a great idea to persuade your un-marriageable daughter to pursue a career, when you personally were incapable of providing a dowry of sufficient value to counteract her less-than-appealing qualities. Perhaps she inherited those less-than-appealing qualities from your wife. I’m sure that the two of you, deciding to have more children that you could personally afford and thereby intended to rely on government to educate and protect them, were of the very best of intentions.

Therefore, no one could possibly say that it is your fault if your daughter ends up degraded, destroyed, or perhaps even eaten alive. Or even if she turns around and eats you.

As for your son? Well? Whose fault is that?

It is certainly not your fault that you are either bad at math or have allowed yourself to be hypnotized by an artist.

But please, spare me from your condescension and notions that you are of superior intelligence.

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