The Swiss Cuckoo Clock

On my mother’s side, my grandparents represent the union of a Swiss math professor (I’m sorry that I do not know which Germanic canton because my grandfather’s immigrant parents were quite advanced in age when he was born), with a Huguenot/Scotch-Irish/German/Etc math teacher. I’ve never had my genes analyzed but for certain I can say that I’m 25% Swiss.

One of the few ancestral items my grandfather managed to retain was a beautiful cuckoo clock.

Many years ago I happened to watch Richard Dawkins, live, in-person, describe his concept of “memes,” using cuckoo birds as his representation of the concept. Although I had been a member of various secularist organizations at the time, this speech caused me to change my view entirely. Although I could never have been accurately described as “an atheist,” I was very much opposed to a state-sponsored-religion, and still am, in a broad or “Universalist” sense, but not so much in a local, or “small,” community. I think that small communities of like-minds are perfectly entitled to have their laws represent their economic and irrational values. This notion goes directly against the concept of “global free trade,” to which I am opposed for I find it to be a stalking horse for Universalism.

In a A Summary of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins (2006), Bantam Press Phil Edwards, © April 2008 , I found the following gem:

4)  Do we need religion in order to be good?
Genes are ‘selfish’ in the sense that, through the filter of natural selection, those that survive do so at the
expense of rivals. But this does not necessarily make the organism (humans) selfish.
There are four good Darwinian reasons for individuals to be altruistic:
•  Genetic kinship: care for those who share similar genetic make-up.
•  Reciprocation: giving of favours in anticipation of a payback.
•  Acquiring a good reputation for generosity and kindness.
•  Conspicuous generosity demonstrates superiority.
These ‘rules’ of altruism may be carried out even when there is no genetic advantage (example of a reed
warbler feeding a young cuckoo).

I was recently reminded of the following Eurocentric joke:

In Heaven:
The English are the police,
The French are the lovers,
The Italians are the chefs,
The Germans are the engineers,
And the government is Swiss.

In Hell:
The Germans are the police.
The Swiss are the lovers.
The English are the chefs,
The French are the engineers,
And the government is Italian.

The cuckoo bird lays its eggs within the nest of a different breed of bird, and the adoptive parents, curiously, care for the overlarge creature which, hatches first, and then kicks out any other siblings within the nest. Here’s what that looks like:

Giant baby cuckoo bird being nourished by the host parent.

Within genetic cuckoo lines, the host breed persists, that is, a particular line of cuckoo bird lays its egg within the nest of the same breed of host, repeatedly, over generations. This behavior illustrates Richard Dawkins’ concept of “meme” as a means of illustrating that “altruism,” doesn’t require a “God.”

We all know that Ayn Rand, who was also an Atheist, was opposed to state-sponsored altruism. Perhaps in her view, a state which redistributes wealth based on “need” is a God-substitute. Therefore, Statism is a religion by any other name, but, I digress.

What if, in the interest of running the globe, a genetic interloper were to place himself within the efficient clockwork administration for which The Swiss are so well-known that the aforementioned joke recalls that efficiency clockwork meme?

The thing which set me against Dawkins and Atheism was a deceptively casual remark made by Dawkins during the aformentioned talk on memes. To my recollection it was something like this:

The birds do not actually have free will but are rather just little automatrons. Only humans have free will.

Having spent way too much time observing birds, both wild and domestic, I instinctively rebelled against this notion. It is not true! I have seen birds make decisions on a rational and multi-factored basis! Whereas I have seen cultish humans, particularly the Quaker/Universalist/Neo-Puritan cult of modern education, behave like automatrons.

They recite affirmations.

They insist on universal consensus (of Global Warming, Feminism, Statism…)

They are resistant to all possible denial of their affirmations.

This made me start to wonder. Suppose, “The Swiss,” have been infiltrated by a genetic other for purposes of being the rulers of One-World Government as well as to create cultish automatrons among their adherents?

I realize that simply making such a statement will automatically cause “Jewish Conspiracy Theorists,” to rumble.

However, suppose that there has been a shift such that some portion or faction of “The Jews,” like “The Swiss,” have already been infiltrated by a Cuckoo Bird? Somehow Ayn Rand was both resistant and immune to the cultish propaganda of Universalists, as am I.

Do the components of a Swiss Cuckoo Clock move by free will?

Who calibrates the clock?

Who makes the stock market bell ring?

Is it a cuckoo bird?

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