The Engineered Society

It is mathematically impossible to “stop” history. So long as there are notions of sex, power, money, time, birth, and death, which are eternal, there will be population growth until population reaches some sort of psychological/mathematical critical mass. When those bubbles enlarge sufficiently, the population will self-destruct in some way. Naturally, our masters intend to engineer the process, with just enough random variability to entertain the investor class, lacking all other frontiers in which to amuse them.

The choices made as to who (by demographic markers) is to be targeted for state-extinction, self-extinction, or group-induced-extinction; and who is to be targeted for optimistic reproductive growth, are likely formularized for the purpose of eliminating the possibility of rebellion in the lower classes.

Such an engineered society requires a few very cool heads whose unconscious is also managed in some way whether through affirmations, music, ritual, or beauty.

Compliments are just as addictive as any drug for they cause biochemical reactions to the extent of even shaping one’s facial features, tone of voice, and thereby ability to either serve or lead.

A hypnotized populace is an engineered populace.

Just because my own conditioning is a bit outside of the norms doesn’t mean that it is somehow inferior or more harmful than the conditioning applied to the rest of humanity. My self-analyses here may seem like an invitation to attempt to shape me in some way. However, unless such shaping comes with love, physical proximity, material assistance, and the commitment of time, it is just so much conditioning-noise, to which I have become largely immune.

Of course I do have my positive and negative “triggers” however, they are so arcane and unusual, I am confident that a reader of this blog will be unable to identify them.

This is why I amuse myself revealing myself here in this blog. It is an exercise with just as much amusement and intellectual engagement as entertained by the master class. It is also, largely a complete material time-waster, and thereby presents a gauntlet or challenge for some special someone desiring to exploit my possibilities for life-enhancing productivity, maintenance, and peace.

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