Not Interested in Taming a Man

I started to write a long-winded comment in response to this essay:
but then realized perhaps my contribution isn’t particularly appreciated. I’m sure the author will either confirm or deny my intuition with either action or inaction. We’ll see.
However, I feel as if I have something to say in response to the essay and therefore might as well say it here. Here goes:

Appealing to the unconscious is how to start and maintain a religion, empire, etc. In the BDSM world, the unconscious, id, etc. is right up front, complete with costumes, language, role-playing, etc. The majority in the BDSM world for as long as I’ve known it is men who want to find a woman who will do all those things for him described and depicted in the essay (leash, whip, etc.), for free. Since I appear to be such a candidate interested in volunteering to enslave them, I get hit on by these guys constantly.

Slavery might be dead but the multitudes desirous of it are reaching a dangerously high critical mass.

Taking charge of another human being is hard work which is why those who do so demand material compensation of some sort otherwise it’s a net loss. Unless one is a sociopath, of course, then the sheer sadism is apparently enough to sustain continued investment of time, resources, effort, etc. for no gain except the knowledge that one is making another suffer.

Second place in BDSM community demographics would be women—and men trying to be women—attempting to “top from the bottom”. In both cases, these two “submissive” demographics—men and women—are trying to get something for nothing or rather not “nothing” but rather are extending their youthful capital, which diminishes of course with age. The fact that I have made a business of extending my own youthful capital (nutrition, exercise, etc.), is because that’s the angle I like to play. It’s what my id wants. However, I’m not so idiotic as to constantly maintain such a persona. I’m an adult who has not only lived in the real world but I have had adventures which frankly terrify in the retelling. I can dominate a group of submissives without even trying. My life is like some sort of horror movie. Hold onto your date and scream.

Is trying to get something for nothing a new thing in humanity? Hardly. Market forces also apply including the concept of “the cartel”. Both traditionalism and feminism police “The Pussy Cartel,” to ensure that someone isn’t undercutting the market. Like all markets, the major areas are materialism and survival, using the concept of “Love” as a brainwashing/advertising/propaganda technique. Since “Love” like “God” doesn’t predispose itself to human-enabled “Truth”, all there can possibly exist would be human-engineered “Lies”, all of which eventually corrupt to the point that the “Lies” become obvious. That would include even “the best” or most human-successful religions, and all ideologies attempting to compete with religion.

In a world where both maternal and paternal love are being effectively replaced by an overlarge state apparatus, the yearning for that “adult supervision” reaches a fever pitch.

I think that what we are witnessing today is the corruption of gynocentrism. In the BDSM world, it has become increasingly obvious that the only “adults” present are beta males. That’s sort of pathetic, not terribly sexy, and non-sustainable. Corruption/Apocalypse is a mathematical/demographic/sociological inevitability.

Meanwhile, the key to resisting gynocentric control in men is to stop being an easy lay or otherwise “generously” dolling out attention for free, to that end, I can see how a “pick up artist” phase might be helpful but even that is not sustainable.

As for those women attempting to resist gynocentric control, they require protection of some sort from the goons of The Pussy Cartel because otherwise they’re sliced to ribbons, erased from history, etc. Some of those goons, by the way, are men.

The thing is, I’ve known lots of men personally with high standards as to whom they’ll commit to. I find such high standards a challenge even if I am somewhat ambivalent about commitment myself in this world in which we live in. I’m sort of like Groucho Marx (check out my avatar):


Of course I cannot “compete” with men on their level and don’t want to. I would way rather compete in The Market which, of course, in my view, involves appealing to the mavericks who are capable of resisting me while meanwhile avoiding/intimidating The Pussy Cartel goons. I do this intellectually, seductively, i.e., whatever works. The alternative is a) no survival at all; or b) going back to the career world where I will be beset by manipulative beta men and women desiring to exploit me.

Meanwhile, the supposed appeal of “The Harem” to men is misleading. The manipulative goings-on therein practically ensure that the most power-hungry, materialistic, and dirty player will rise to the top of its hierarchy. Only a man who is capable of understanding and mitigating those dynamics has a prayer of holding onto his balls while holding onto a harem. Time is also a factor there as well of course.

However, the figurehead at that top of any hierarchy is constantly vulnerable to being overthrown and therefore that position is never secure. From there we have paranoia and exploitation, including of one’s own sex. The fact that a beta male can hold onto power and influence merely by policing the alpha female of a Harem hierarchy and otherwise doing her bidding under the guise of “leadership,” using the very same manipulative techniques which women use, is a recipe for devolution.

That is something like what we have today within all spheres of Western society and which is rapidly being exported to the East and the Third World under “rational feminism,” which is the ideology espoused by Hoff-Sommers, Paglia, and other “good” feminists.

Naturally, I would expect to see more Masculine versions of The Harem arising, perhaps looking like Patriarchy, or perhaps pretending to aspire to Egalitarianism. It is all manipulation however in the game of survival. The MGTOWs appear to be a sort of counter-Harem-structure, by and large. Of course, like the pick-up artist, it may be an important stage in the advance of “maturity” in a man. I’m all for it even if it tends to suck away the very mavericks who I desire, Love, worship, etc., and in return expect to be put to work for it.

Such a man, of course, would be resistant to anything a seductive, hypnotic talker like myself might have to say, and that’s fine by me. I’m happy to provide him with the practice. Meanwhile, I search for my wild man who runs with the wolves by night but is interested in survival by day. I would like to be that man’s partner, enrich his life, and be his degraded slut, so sue me.

9 thoughts on “Not Interested in Taming a Man

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  2. In discussions around this issue and -related, I ask: “what is best for the survival of the species? The answer (or AN answer) has been given by others: two types of men are needed. 1. The wild man for his seed, and 2. the tame man for help in raising the result of the successful seed (i.e., impregnation and birth). Our culture (all cultures?) encourage men to be both (a biological imperative?), at one time or another, and this is a large source of the tension between the sexes. here are further thoughts:

  3. I agree that not every male and every female has identical characteristics for their respective sex. Normal curve, and all that, overlapping to an un-provable degree in the aggregate. There just has to be enough reproduction and survival to satisfy the imperative for species survival. Homo sapiens has been extant for around 200,000 years, not long enough to ‘prove’ itself/ourselves. The way we are shitting in our nest does not bode well…

  4. I’m reading through more carefully now. The one phrase that sticks out : “Taking charge of another human being is hard work” is the truth I came upon when I was most sexually active in my mid-thirties. I met not a small number of women who wanted me to take charge and work my will (within implicit limits), and I found it titillating and generally interesting. BUT, I soon came upon the notion which you have put forth in your writings (if I remember correctly) that, over time, the master becomes the slave. I think this was the final point in “The Story of ‘O'”, or its sequel. I am not a ‘wild man’ (at least not any more, if I ever was), but I fancy myself a free man.

    • There absolutely must be some give-and-take and is why I pass by those who call themselves “Masters”. If a submissive can’t offer some real value rather than “the starfish” bleating “do me” then there’s no point and he’s a fool. Not an admirable figure at all. I insist on someone who I can admire because “sibling rivalry” dynamics wear on me quickly. Negotiation is not some one-size-fits-all fantasy role/play but sort of a combination of magic + practical, mature considerations.

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