Public health (heart) lung cancer

Love this: “By not prominently disclosing the source of funding, Henschke performed a very useful experiment of a different sort, pointing out how public health people do not care about accuracy of scientific research or its potential benefits. They only care about whether it was motivated by the extremist goals of their special interest group or by some real societal interest. ” The same would apply to Global Warming chicken littles, Feminists, “Diversity” advocates, and the entire Leftist catalog of public shaming advocates.

Tobacco harm reduction, anti-THR lies, and related topics

by Carl V Phillips

Tobacco control and “public health” have the same attitude toward lung cancer as homophobes do toward AIDS. In both cases, they are motivated by “moral” objections to particular behaviors and are desperately frustrated that people fail to just stop doing what they personally consider sinful/disgusting/unappealing (those are fairly interchangeable concepts for this sort of person). Thus many of them are happy that there is a disease that disproportionately punishes the sinners. Of course gay bashers (as well as also those who object to all sexual promiscuity and the relatively smaller group who hate injection drug users) do not pretend care about the physical health of the targets of their opprobrium, so they are merely vile; “public health” people are also hypocrites.

About ten years ago, I coined the term “anti-tobacco extremists” to refer to those who take the most extreme view of tobacco use. This was an attempt to push back against anti-THR activists…

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2 thoughts on “Public health (heart) lung cancer

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  2. Just to be clear about my position on tobacco, I don’t actually buy it that tobacco is the major contributor to rising rates of lung cancer given that tobacco use is reducing but rather attribute it to lack of protective behaviors such as adequate dietary saturated fat and cholesterol to name a couple. Moderate tobacco use itself may in fact be protective. Mild particulates have been found to be protective. Smoking does not equate to the discovery of “cancer” as the crab-shaped symptom on the scrotums of young chimney sweeps–an abominable practice to subject to a young male child. Nobody actually “smokes like a chimney”. However those with delicate constitutions may prefer to imbibe their tobacco the smokeless way, and it certainly doesn’t offend me if they do. That said, I don’t believe that the force of government should be used to prevent me or anyone else from being “offended”.

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