Poor Widow’s Economy

One of the reasons I have to get myself to Venezuela has to do with my uncomfortable position within my own generation.

Specifically, I am not offended when I have to pay for something that men perform for me with cash money. Therefore, I’m going to need to get me some.

Of course I also like to do things like offer my time, a home-cooked meal, a cigar-friendly air-conditioned refuge, nutritional advice, mending, etc.; but bartering the possibility of sexual favors when there is no such possibility is anathema to me. I’m a lousy mercenary flirt. I’ve seen far too many women use the damsel in distress act for such favors and then offer little but the opportunity to kiss her ring (metaphorically).

I’m not that kind of girl.

Axel would tell me stories of creative ways that women have attempted to get him to perform complicated remodeling or construction services as if they assumed that a hardworking independent contractor was somehow oozing both money and cum, looking for a place to offload those things.

Whereas I’m always going to be more attracted to the man who turns down sexual offers. Not out of a sense of “virtue” or aestheticism but more because he’s getting it thrown at himself so often that he’s developed standards. By such standards I’ll know that he is a connoisseur…like me!

One of my favorite movies is Jackie Brown. I’ve seen it so many times. I actually made a point of watching it prior to my escape from Venezuela in order to help motivate myself to do something incredibly dangerous but necessary. I was going to have to get where I was going without being kidnapped or robbed. I did. The robbery after all had already occurred on the part of my then-husband however I did have a few resources, that is, enough to get me to the U.S. I made it to the U.S. without having any sense that there were any family members stateside cool and competent enough to rescue me or have me rescued. If they were to do such a thing, my parents would likely engage in their own brand of mercenary flirting in order to get the price down. As usual, I would have been the one to have the “savings” taken out on me. In Venezuela, such a thing could easily be either lethal or leave me even more scarred-for-life than I already am.

However, the end of the movie, Jackie Brown, haunts me a little. Spoiler alert!

If I succeed in Venezuela, will the price be that the next Max Cherry will be intimidated by me? That would be sad. I rather like Max Cherry. Unfortunately, there is no one like that around me now. Or perhaps it is ultimately quite fortunate because then there is no one around to stop me.

8 thoughts on “Poor Widow’s Economy

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  2. “…I’m always going to be more attracted to the man who turns down sexual offers. Not out of a sense of “virtue” or aestheticism but more because he’s getting it thrown at himself so often that he’s developed standards. By such standards I’ll know that he is a connoisseur…like me!”

    You are a genius 😀

    By the way, I think maybe you could combine finding a guy you like with the trip to Venezuela. Should you find a dominant, adventurous male, would he not be useful in such an enterprise? Would he not be willing to live such an adventure and at the same time dazzle you with his determination and manliness? It would be a two-birds-one-stone kind of situation…

    • The downside to your suggestion, in my experience, would be that the chances of my being kidnapped would actually go up. I would be better off I think with a guy who couldn’t care less about me and would otherwise be able to exhibit supreme indifference toward my welfare. How’s that for a paradox? All that said, my chances of surviving this enterprise just went down as I’ve discovered that there is more than one party interested in prolonging (the fiction?) of my ex’s “life”. That could be a problem.

      • Quite a paradox 🙂 Have you considered going through diplomatic channels? Maybe there’s an American consulate in Venezuela that could be of help? If you are facing other interested parties then perhaps it’s better to gather as much info as possible about them before making any move.

      • It’s a sticky wicket. The short answer is that the rural areas and Caracas don’t have the sort of relationship one might expect in the first world and I am small potatoes without a lot to pay up front to an effort which is entirely privatized.

      • I see. Mmm then I guess doing some online research might be of some use towards your goal. If your remember any names related to your husband, the property in Venezuela o people you met there, you can search the main social sites for data on them. People publish lots of pictures, videos and thoughts that often contain much more info than intended. You might find something relevant. Even checking facebook profiles of random people in the area could bring some results. Also maybe you can check out the property via Google Earth and see if any changes stand out that may give you clues or ideas. And I think that’s all I can think of 😀

      • It is my experience that great advice no matter how well meaning comes from a position of not fully understanding the extremely complicated nature of the situation. It required weeks of meetings just to bring my attorneys up to speed, to no avail.

        This situation is so far out of the experience and imagination of most first worlders (including many world travelers) as to defy ease of explanation albeit inspire loads of well-meaning advice, which, largely, unfortunately, does not apply. However people want to be able to do something I understand and it is unfortunate that the something is either money or access to both the utmost reaches of diplomatic channels as well as to the very lowest. I alone have access to that last with any possibility of success.

        However I do welcome any local contacts in Estado Barinas particularly if safe housing can be provided as I suspect there are those who would just assume poison my food and water or otherwise ensure that I just quietly disappear.

        The writings which I provide here on the situation are just the tip of the iceberg. I have therefore concluded that the only person in the whole wide world with the knowledge, experience, and ability to find out anything about this monster and the perhaps well-meaning ignoramuses who abet him is, sadly, me.

        But no, he has no social life and is cagier than anyone could possibly imagine, sending out an employee to perform all outside tasks. The prison he has made for himself is beyond any I could wish for him. Now, if I could only just get some of my money back. We’ll see.

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