Who is the Science Denier?

Liberal “warmists” say that anthropogenic global warming “deniers” are “anti-science.” Whereas liberal LGBTQ… advocates deny that there is such a thing as biology. Similarly, liberal Darwinists deny that evolution could have resulted in different outcomes across biological phenotypes, i.e., “race”. To disagree is to be “fearful,” “ignorant,” or “hateful”.

Fragile creatures who are unable to withstand criticism, second-hand smoke, perfume, cross-looks, exclusion, etc., call more stalwart sorts “haters”.

Strength and conviction itself is apparently at odds with increased scope of government to ensure outcomes for the weakest members of society, at the expense of the stronger, more self-reliant, and productive.

To simply be accountable for one’s own choices is thought by liberals to be “oppressive”.

I suspect that people with bad parents believe that they themselves can create good parents by seizing power in government. The government becomes the good parent in the fantasy image of the abused child. Not a thought is expressed that perhaps those with poor parenting examples which formulate the parental archetypes in the mind of the now-adult abused child are less than equipped to model good parent.

Imagine a world where people who attested that their own parental models were inferior declined to reproduce. I suppose that’s mere fantasy brought about by projection on my part. If the grown-up abused child, like an infant, believes him or herself simultaneously omnipotent over and helpless toward his or her caregivers, power becomes that grown-up infant’s drug of choice. Power addicts, perversely, are generally those least equipped to wield power.

Feminism tells women that they are powerless against “Patriarchy;” therefore, they seize power disguised as infantile “powerlessness”. However, the Dominant in any healthy reproductive heterosexual relationship is the infant.

Why exactly do homosexual relationships or relationships between individuals of whom one or the other denies that his or her sex determines one’s gender insist on the right to reproduce or adopt children, be responsible for them, and direct their outcomes? Is it about power over the next generation such as their doubtlessly abusive own parents exercised over them? Is it about indenturing a responsible and accountable servant to care for the parent in the parent’s old age?

How is that working out exactly?

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