When Prejudices Combine

Only compliant or degraded people should be allowed to reproduce. Non-compliant persons who are not yet degraded must be degraded. A non-compliant person, who is not yet degraded, is exemplified by a scientist who denies anthropogenic global warming, a white person who dares to smoke, a policeman who arrests or shoots a nonwhite person, or a man who refuses a woman anything. These are the new “undesirables” targeted by today’s Brown Shirts, who also, incidentally, are products of the Prussian style school of “educating” children. Obedience is “smart”. Disobedience is not just “undesirable” but “evil”.

Frank Davis

Breitbart UK:

British government officials are urging all low and medium security mental health units to go ‘smoke free’, effectively forcing patients off cigarettes. Clinical experts warn that making patients quit against their will is illegal, contravening the Mental Health Act and setting a precedent that could see all sorts of health procedures inflicted upon mental health patients against their wishes.

I would imagine that a smoking ban in mental health units might be very distressing for patients who are already deeply distressed. Furthermore, getting them to stop smoking means forcing upon them a form of ‘treatment’ that might run counter to psychiatric opinion. It’s a bit like requiring hospitals to sterilise patients (q.v.)  at the same time they perform unrelated operations on them. The additional intervention may increase the likelihood of complications.

None of this matters to antismoking zealots, of course.

Ms Yates also appeared on the Jeremy Vine…

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