Go to Venezuela and Get the Death Certificate

Cancelled until further notice.

For details see: He’s Alive, Maybe

Unable to divorce him without losing all income, to earn money greater than a nominal amount, or even legally change my name or address, my international con-artist husband did

more than merely rob me of my savings, retirement funds, real-estate earnings, and stock options earnings. He also got me out of the country for a period that extended just beyond my eligibility for Disability before accidentally or perhaps intentionally allowing me to escape.

My diagnosis is PTSD as resulting from the terror, sleep-deprivation, starvation, brainwashing, malevolent hypnosis, and captivity on the part of my husband, later magnified by my realization that he had robbed me of all of my funds.

The Doctor

Yes, I paid for that shirt, tie, drink, tan…

An additional player in this drama was a Venezuelan neighbor who reigned over a campaign of terror to include the bizarre torture and dismemberment of my pets and livestock for purposes of driving both me and my husband away from our valuable property. She succeeded as regards to yours truly; however my husband, being entirely heartless when it came to animals, remained.

By promising me that we would start a medical and nutritional practice in Germany as an adjunct to our Permaculture farm in the Andean Foothills of Venezuela which would one day provide accommodations for guests to include the medical and nutritional clients, my husband persuaded me to transfer all joint funds (less the funds he had embezzled from me directly over the years) to banks in Switzerland and Germany. He later closed the Swiss accounts while I was abandoned at our remote, walled compound, with no means of escape, while he transferred the proceeds to accounts in Germany listed solely under his own name.


Caprizchka's Farm in Venezuela

Caprizchka’s Farm in Venezuela

While an unknown amount was deposited in accounts in unknown institutions in Hong Kong and China, there remains one account to which my name was applied in Germany. This bank has written to me to request my husband’s address, a request that could only arise because mail to him was returned. Since my husband would never deliberately abandon money, I have to assume that lack of correspondence between him and the bank means that he is dead. I have confirmation that no funds from this account were withdrawn by him. I am unable to withdraw funds myself until I produce a death certificate.

My husband’s last known address—to both me and the bank—is our compound in Venezuela. The last contact I had with him personally was in 2011, just prior to my escape.

A private investigator who I hired in order to serve my husband divorce papers was unsuccessful. I gave up when I realized I was just throwing good money after bad. We were never divorced. I receive a paltry spousal support from a fund that apparently does not require proof that my husband remains alive but yet requires that all of my own activity be monitored. Perhaps my hiding behind a pseudonym is a rational response to same. Or perhaps I am full of shit. Come interview me and find out for sure!

Should the intrepid individual require tangible proof, I am prepared to provide same in a physical, real-life manner, in the vicinity of Naples, Florida, which, I live close to but not so close as to endanger myself by my compromise in anonymity. Should the intrepid individual care to accompany me at his own expense (and I use the masculine pronoun because I would only travel with someone willing to take responsibility for his own safety because I cannot guarantee it) that can also be arranged.

I’ve made some phone calls over the years to individuals I knew in Venezuela who maintain that my husband is still alive but with no telephone number. I began to realize that the value of the property is such that there would be plenty of reasons to keep up such a pretense in order to prevent me from making any claim on it. I have no intention of making such a claim except in the case that an individual requires my property to be transferred from me in order to provide vital assistance in my project. I would be willing to do that under certain circumstances.

The property is phenomenally scenic, with mature fruit trees of every description, well-established coffee plants, pasture, and shade trees. It is terraced on its way from the mountain spring to the whitewater river below (El Río Santo Domingo) enabling ease of walking throughout most of the property. It is minimally developed with structures for humans and animals, ponds, and reservoirs. It is somewhere in the neighborhood of four hectares, in the major property, with additional noncontiguous properties in my husband’s name in the immediate vicinity. All properties together comprise approximately 10-14 hectares. They are registered in my husband’s name with the appropriate authorities.

For myself, all I require is my husband’s death certificate to take to the banks in Germany. Naturally, such a thing would apply only if my husband is actually dead. However, to refrain from remaining in contact with a bank indicates strongly to me that this is already the case.

In addition, his advanced age, significant level of alcoholism, and apparent delusions of invincibility are likely a fatal combination in Venezuela.

My plan is to first visit the Venezuelan Consulate in Washington D.C. The one in Miami has been closed for several years with no apparent plans to reopen. I’ll present my case along with my marriage license and apostate, and determine whether there are resources to assist me in obtaining the death certificate. (My phone calls have not yet been returned and as is the norm I experienced in Venezuela, the only possible way to obtain any information from a venezolano willing to extend the least bit of accountability is in person.) I will assume that the cost for this part of the project will be less than $1000, to include travel, lodging, food, internet, duplication, and notary services.

The areas in Venezuela to which I will be traveling are Caracas and Estado Barinas. Caracas is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and Barinas is near the Western border (with Colombia) which is also very dangerous in a more rural sense. Travel advisories to U.S. citizens apply specifically to these areas. (See http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/alertswarnings/venezuela-travel-warning.html )

However, I know the score and believe that I can keep myself safe. Naturally, I welcome information with regard to persons of character residing in those areas willing to meet me and/or assist me in my journey. I already have some contacts but after over four years absence cannot count on their continued loyalty to me. Likely my husband had already poisoned the field with lies upon my escape in 2011 and therefore new contacts are especially appreciated.

I believe that I can achieve whatever can be achieved in Venezuela in six weeks. Specifically, either I can obtain a death certificate or determine that either my husband is alive or his whereabouts are unknown.

I believe that $10,000 will cover all known expenses in Venezuela, to include airfare, lodging, food, and expenses, including my fare to Frankfurt, Germany, should I be successful.

Therefore, I aim to raise a total of $11,000, with the achievement of $1,000 to result in my visit to the Venezuelan Consulate in the U.S. to otherwise commence my journey.

If I make it to Frankfurt and obtain the funds in my name then I will attempt to obtain the funds that are solely in my husband’s name. I have high confidence in the first if slightly less in the second; however, either source will provide me the means to return to the U.S. Once I am back, I’ll have the financial comfort level to dedicate myself to a book on the subject of my life and this adventure, rather than, say, disappearing into obscurity as another working stiff, assuming my PTSD doesn’t still serve as a barrier to that enterprise.

Any individual desiring to meet with me personally for the purpose of mutual comfort level will determine that I have a significant arsenal of value and unique information to make such an acquaintance mutually beneficial.

Let this project serve as a warning to all U.S. citizens with significant assets to be very careful about marrying a person with significant international contacts. Although my husband is a naturalized U.S. citizen with significant ties to the U.S., these ties turned out to be ephemeral due to the forfeiture of his license to practice medicine in the U.S., eliminating any future investment in his U.S. reputation. Hiring a private investigator to investigate my husband before we were married would have been advisable in hindsight. He had represented himself to me as “retired”.

Thank you for your consideration and any donation you can spare.

16 thoughts on “Go to Venezuela and Get the Death Certificate

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  2. Kid, I went through this two years ago. It truly sucks the big one, hold tight to your memories, because there is not much else you can do.

  3. Because I like your style, appreciate your opinions, am thankful for your support and wish you the best, I’m willing to help you out. You have my real email.

    You and you alone may not be enough to make a difference. Sometimes, the best course of action is to let it go.

    “Don’t let the past remind us of what we are not now” –Stephen Stills

    • Thank you. I’m not ready to make my move but will soon. When I get my crowdfunding appeal up, I’ll pass you the link. I’ve decided that I’m not yet ready to let this thing go and that I have some confidence in my success. However, I am not going anywhere until Axel finally passes. Meanwhile, I dare not miss a moment with him.

      Thank you for your encouragement.

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