Still Not Widowed

I am delighted to report that Axel seems to have a new lease on life and even his swelling is down. To what can we account for this? Probably the reunion of old friends who have delightfully descended upon our abode. Of course, he still believes he is “terminal” and so do I, but this apparent degree of remission is fantastic nonetheless.

Nobody knows when or how he will pass. Contrary to popular myth, it is not “cancer” itself which does the killing, generally speaking, but rather the side-effects. The only “killing” that cancer does is the physical crowding out and overwhelming of organs and blood supply, as well as hogging all the nutrients, increasing inflammatory response, and keeping the immune system over-occupied. Something, eventually, is bound to break. When? How? Nobody knows.

Meanwhile, I’ve been forced to try to get more space, away from home, so as to avoid completely losing my mind. Fortunately, Axel’s friends come to his and my rescue while I attempt to regain what sanity I have apparently lost.

4 thoughts on “Still Not Widowed

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  2. Hi Caprizchka. This is “AngloBilly” from Takimag. I’m very sorry you’re having to go through this. I’m glad there are friends around who can give support. Keep giving us your thoughts at Takimag and here and elsewhere!

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