Atheists Are Classists

It is important for me to occasionally jab ideologues who presume superiority, with Atheists the most superior of them all.

First of all, Atheists don’t have “class” only an easily-accessible knowledge structure that requires mere repetition and obedience to absorb. Even a very stupid person can absorb it, unless of course that person is evil, in which case we ought to at the least starve that person of economic opportunity, and prohibit such a person from “violence,” while pretending we’re giving him or her an “equal chance”. Here, repeat the daily mantra, and have some food stamps, you uneducatable idiot. How dare you question the equality of all human beings.

Since Atheists don’t have “class” the fact that obviously some people have more things than others and some absorb their lessons better proves that individual atheists are evolutionarily superior to other persons, according to whatever theory is democratically agreed upon by individuals appointed by superior persons of authority who just happen to command all resources and get all the pussy.

Therefore, everything that might be construed as “class” or “knowledge” is a matter of sheer evolutionary adaptation, with some individual collections of organic matter being more evolved than others, so get used to it. It’s “Science.”

There is no past because the future just gets better and better as we evolve more and more.

There is no justice or karma in the universe, only “Science”. Oh, and violence is bad. Accept the status quo, idiot, and starve gracefully, because you had your “equal” chance to obey.

It is fortunate for atheists that I don’t agree with them and that I believe that there are truths which are unknowable. I believe that those with the most hubris will, eventually, karmically, be made the greatest fools. Such persons are done-in, poetically, by their own lizard brains.

14 thoughts on “Atheists Are Classists

  1. Of course, I agree with you. The first thing that alienates me from atheists and atheism is that they are, by the use of these words, against something rather than for something, or at least neutral toward something/anything. The use of these words reveal, instantly, the negative cast to the person’s mentality and personality. I avoid such people when I detect them.

    • Long time no see, stranger. Just to be contrary (can’t blame “time of the month” at my age), I’m an anti-Atheist. LOL. I’m also an anti-anti-tobacco advocate, and an anti-feminist. My role in life is perhaps to be against whatever may be the prevailing ideology chanted at me incessantly. I believe that God loves me even though I belong to no tribe. I believe that there is a place in the universe for even me.

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  3. I think you are describing AtheistKult those are the kinds of Atheists with the kind of sense of Superiority.

    Else Atheism is just an absence in the belief in deities and the supernatural and many atheists don’t care to talk about that since it is a boring topic.

    • It is true that I’m making a facile generalization with no regard for the feelings of sensitive Atheists. However, to say that Atheism is “just” an absence refers to an Atheism of the ages. Even Feminism has the good taste to give themselves “waves” of distinction (and NAFALT).

      In the modern age those Atheists who distinguish themselves from strict materialists, naturalist, or rationalists are obliged to make themselves known, in my opinion, of course. Eastern Atheism is different from Western Atheism too.

      Before there can be absence of a God, one has to define “God”. Therefore, there is no “just an absence”.

      When pressed, Western Atheists generally defer that they don’t believe in an anthropomorphic God, with a long grey beard, say. If that’s the definition, then, I’m an Atheist, but it isn’t. Atheism is just as self-servingly amorphous to be unchallengeable. I am offended by an unchallengeable ideology. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fuck an Atheist.

      Do Atheists admit to possessing an unconscious? (Does Dawkins sing “God Save the Queen”?)

  4. I don’t have much to add except a compliment. You stated your case very well, and I’m in total agreement. Another gem was in your comment:

    My role in life is perhaps to be against whatever may be the prevailing ideology chanted at me incessantly

    This is the long-lost ideal of punk rock. Very refreshing.

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