The Feminist Father is Projecting

Men who sympathize with the “powerlessness” of young women in their sexual prime and want to “empower” them with self-determination might be advised to give their daughters prophylactic hysterectomies. The sheer hubris that “education” is more powerful than the uterus and vagina is practically Darwinism in terms of the likelihood of poor reproductive outcomes.

However a father who does not wish to take responsibility for his daughter, and neither does he want to allow another man to take the reins, may in fact be acting on a pedophilia impulse, whether realized or not, to keep his daughter for himself or otherwise limit the success of her progeny.

“If only women had the same ‘freedom’ as men to exercise their sexual impulses misguidedly then they wouldn’t be ‘oppressed’,” cries the white knight, Oedipus. Moreover, such women would thereby gratefully and joyously extend their sexual favors to all irresponsible men, for no compensation whatsoever because, “the best things in life are free” and “math is oppressive!”

Such fathers shouldn’t be too surprised to discover that their daughters come to embody Artemis, while meanwhile father is Dionysus, and guess what’s for dinner?

The more successful becomes a career woman the less likely she is to find a man who will ever supplant Daddy. Perhaps, however, the Feminist Father believes the myth that such a woman will bring home a better man than he being so well exposed to men by the numbers, and he secretly, masochistically fantasizes about being cuckolded by such a man.

To be born isn’t “fair” and nothing is “fair”. To be capable of acting in one’s own interest however is not something that is guaranteed by simply being the age of majority. Most people never learn how and little girls and boys who refuse to grow up probably least of all.

2 thoughts on “The Feminist Father is Projecting

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  2. To my Greek myth pedants, sometimes a change of pace in one’s diet is necessary, even for Artemis and her “gals”. Besides Dionysus and Bacchus are probably the same god through various incarnations. Greek-Indian is a delicious fusion cuisine.

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