Little Girls Determine Who May Own A Gun

The rate of female homicide rises with the rate of firearm availability, and 74 percent of all women homicide deaths happen in their home.

This horrendous arithmetic illustrates why new legislation introduced by Gabriela Mosquera (D-Camden) is the most logical proposal to deal with domestic violence to come around in a while, because it takes guns out of the home where abuse has occurred.

This bill, headed for the Assembly Judiciary Committee, is 10,000 words long but actually direct: If there’s a gun at the scene of a domestic violence case, the responding officer can take the attacker’s firearms, his permit, and his purchaser I.D. card.


The “attacker” is of course a male; because to insinuate that a female is capable of attacking anyone else including another female isn’t credible because good girls don’t own guns nor do they attack. Only bad men have guns.

The next time a feminist request an escort to her car, through a rough neighborhood, or any other protection of any sort, explain to her that only bad men have guns; good men don’t and therefore, she’s on her own.

That last applies double to this woman:

4 thoughts on “Little Girls Determine Who May Own A Gun

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  2. This reminds me of a time years ago when I was putting myself through college as a night security guard at a museum. There were always two of us and when museum staff worked after hours, we would walk the women out to their cars in the parking garage.

    My partner Charlie returned from one of those trips and said, “She doesn’t need security. She just needs more light.” I guess I looked confused so he explained, “All she needs is a flashlight. She can shine it on her face and nobody’s going to attack her.”

    No doubt a feminist.

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