Bisexual Female MGTOW Shenanigans

Is it just me or does anyone else find it hilarious that a certain iconoclastic female MGTOW supporter is willing to offer her body in order to recruit a certain brilliant female antifeminist by the name of Karen Straughan to the former’s cause of tamping down all gender differences into sort of a socialist equalism while denigrating anyone who disagrees with her man?

(Be sure to read all of Straughan’s comments in the above linked thread. Pure gold as always.)

If men and women are the same, why not send an homme fatale? Could it be that the former fully understands (and exploits) the higher market value of female sexuality in terms of the male consumer and thereby expects that a bisexual female consumer would be equally inclined to pay a higher price for it because men and women are the same?

For the record, even though my own bisexuality has receded to the point of nothingness, I am such a huge fan of Straughan that even I would be more than honored and delighted to get any sort of attention from her. Furthermore, I hardly would have anything in which to bargain with such as to attempt to change her mind with my over-the-hill female body. Quite the contrary. Furthermore, I doubt that there exists such a woman who could sway Karen’s arguments with sexual and emotional manipulation. That’s one reason I admire her! I will even go so far as to conjecture that Karen’s obvious identification with the male psyche excludes the bargain that she is to sacrifice herself for women, such as she describes as the “traditionalist” bargain of men sacrificing themselves for women in return for authority in the public sphere (as if authority is a desirable goal of all persons or power is the key to happiness and satisfaction in life).

However, in my view, such an attitude of sexualizing the political would be disrespectful to Straughan’s arguments. Moreover, I doubt she is at a loss for offers. Therefore, I’ll say it here right now that what I have to offer is a fabulous home-cooked meal for the favor of her fully-clothed company. I offer this in gratitude for articulating so well the disquiet in my heart with regard to Feminism as well as for her acceptance of the “traditionalist” bargain I ascribe to as being wholly mutually satisfactory within my loving partnership.

In exchange for partaking of a meal of my making, there would be absolute no need for her to renounce any of her associations or otherwise compromise herself in any way except I would fully expect for her to arrive with a good appetite and to be just as adventurous with the plate offered her as she is in her choices to accept speaking engagements across a panoply of venues. If she likes, she can even bring a date, of any gender of her choosing, and together do anything they like in my guest room that does not require extraordinary clean-up on my part afterwards (because I’m a fan but not that kind of fan).

So, how about it Karen? This offer doesn’t have a time limit so long as I have an available guest room and place setting in my home in Southwest Florida.

Just to show my open-mindedness, I would offer the same to the two MGTOW troublemakers, on the condition that in my presence they remain fully clothed at all times, and are fully prepared for any eruptions of laughter I cannot contain.

4 thoughts on “Bisexual Female MGTOW Shenanigans

  1. Wow. Such drama!

    I find it very strange that Diana would send nude pics of herself in order to persuade Karen. Strange, at least, that she thought it could work. Even men have more sense and self-control than that, I think. Does she really consider herself to be that much of a prize? Personally I’d probably laugh and be slightly disgusted at the same time. Karen, especially, does not seem the type that would be easily seduced by cheap sex. Johntheother is a weird guy. He looks like Chris Elliot but not nearly as funny.

    • Back in my bisexual days, I’d probably do Diana for a stick of gum, but, I’m all too familiar with the phenomenon of women assuming that the “value” of their sexuality requires compensation of some part, which, is not a notion I can fully discount by any means. Plenty of men feel the same (I know, I’ve paid, and not voluntarily!)

      Full disclosure, I had a minor creative difference with John who didn’t appreciate my advice, which caused me to c̶r̶y̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶r̶o̶o̶m̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶d̶a̶y̶s̶ignore him thereafter. As for Diana on the other hand, even if I don’t always agree with her, I find her videos fascinating and highly watchable. I think Diana could do a whole lot better than John. There. I said it.

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