An Appeal to the Taliban

It has indeed all been a great big lie.

Frank Davis

I’ve been thinking about antismokers a bit today. And thinking that they’re all a bit naive and simpleminded and suffering from groupthink.

I think anyone who thinks they can tell other people how to live their lives is a bit naive and simpleminded. You don’t have to read very much history to discover that doing that kind of thing is not very much appreciated. For instance, Catholics don’t much like being told what they should believe by Protestants. And vice versa. Same with Jews and Muslims. Same with communists and capitalists. Same with more or less anything that people believe or don’t believe about more or less anything at all.

But antismokers somehow seem to think that they can walk into everybody’s life and declare through a megaphone:

‘Listen everybody! You must stop smoking! And you must stop smoking now! Apart from that, please carry on as before.’

In what…

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