Fill-In-The Blank Pride

Pride is one of those problematic things. It can often blind one to balance and reality. In my view, one of the blinders is class.

Of course we have the Black Pride and Gay Pride movements. I understand how marching together provides some sort of sense of unity. However, just how much do gangbangers have to do with executives? Street punks and DINKs?

Of course the same applies to Feminists, Jews, Arabs, Hindus, Asians, and Whites, along with members of all nationalities, language groups, religions, etc. Do the folks at the top really care about the folks at the bottom and vice versa? Of course, there are those who do care—in both directions; however, those aren’t normally the type to wholly embrace pride. Cooperation is practically the opposite of pride.

I wholly support freedom of association and freedom from association. Sometimes it is important to regroup and reacquaint oneself with one’s particular demographic group. Your age, race, marital status, country of origin, address, level of education, level of income, nutritional status, genes, and IQ all play a part in who you choose to align with when times are tough. Whereas someone may be so courageous as to reach across the divide to embrace or at least cooperate with a different demographic; this requires wisdom as well as courage or it may well backfire.

Ambassadors and diplomats are interesting people. They have learned how to cross-over and work with different demographics and interests. The same could be said about bartenders, teachers, and medical practitioners, for example, or at least the good ones. I believe that somewhere in these various professions there must be a place for me for I don’t actually have a tribe. I don’t fit into any of the boxes. I realize that might sound arrogant, but it isn’t. It is a lament. I am very tired of paying the price for appearing to be what I am not on numerous levels. At the same time I also appreciate my chameleon qualities as they have saved my life more than once.

I wonder if my life would be better if I dyed my hair a different color, for instance. However, I have changed my hair twice on the direction of men and in both cases nobody was pleased with the results. Since my appeal to men is very important to me, I don’t believe I can be persuaded by another to change it for the third time.

When times are tough, and there is competition for resources, no amount of “education” will promote cross-cultural cooperation unless there is a clear material, spiritual, or intellectual interest, for example. Forcing cross-culturalism which usually amounts to capitulation also tends to have an agenda. Doing so during an international recession seems to me to be particularly cruel and Orwellian. It would almost seem as if we are all gladiators and their prey, fighting for the entertainment of a particularly cruel audience.

I wouldn’t dream of forcing cross-culturalism. It usually backfires, and pandering may even be worse than capitulation. However, in my personal belief, Feminism as an ideology is so toxic that men of diverse demographics who are able to see its irrationality, revisionist history, and economic motives at least have that issue in common. However, men and women who have been wholly duped are generally too much trouble to attempt to educate on the issues, which doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying.

People who foment divisiveness however have their own agendas.

Various Feminist movements follow the same formula as every other aggrieved group with Fat Pride and Slut Walks being divisions thereof. Why should Heterosexual White Guys be left out of Pride? Probably because to most people such a thing means war and war is supposed to be bad while babies are supposed to be good. What about severely damaged, marginalized, and injured white guys? Those are or were the major constituents of the U.S. Army. Perhaps their increasing numbers indicate that we are about to have another war.

I also believe that pride is a sign of immaturity, which we are all allowed to have a little of. Babies are also immature, of course, as is the fetishization of babies to the exclusion of mathematics, demographics, and economics. Of course, women in their sexual prime are particularly fetishized such that it is practically illegal to criticize them. Whereas the fetishization of strong, capable, independent men is a privately if not politically powerful force. As more and more women speak out against feminism, this movement is slowly coming out of the closet. We are indeed a marginalized, terrorized, and scapegoated group with no particular unity amongst ourselves.

The undercurrent of these various pride movements is anger at “the other”. At some point, if one feels “oppressed,” then I suppose some anger is in order. However, be aware of demagogues who capitalize on and thereby perpetuate that animosity.

When it comes to heterosexual women preaching misandry however and representing themselves as the spokeswomen of all women I take exception. I think that chivalry complicates the whole notion of “equality,” in that women for the most part require some sort of extra protection and men would appear to be as ideally suited to be protectors and women appear to be ideally suited to be baby makers. However, just being well-suited isn’t a mandate particularly when certain loud women can be so scornful of men and there are already record numbers of people on this planet.

That said, I suppose a war, plague, bomb, or atrocity is necessary once in a while to thin the population. But I don’t believe that baby-makers are the best suited for those sorts of decisions, and I suppose that would include most non-baby-making women as well as non-protective men. In general, I don’t like putting victims in the roles of avengers albeit I suppose there are exceptions. However, since it is nearly impossible to rate victims nowadays according to level of victim-hood (because the term is not objective and neither is testimony, persuasiveness, or tears), I find myself to be suspicious of most victims even though I are one. Curiously, however, I believe the testimony of many men who have confided in me personally as well as the public testimony of others. Men, it would seem, are between a rock and a hard place. I truly wish you guys would look beyond your demographic and class differences in order to protect my aggrieved interest group if not yourselves.

12 thoughts on “Fill-In-The Blank Pride

  1. That type of pride never made sense to me. I can’t be proud of what I was born as, it has nothing to do with achievement. But it’s good to hang out with people like yourself, it’s just fun and you feel at home.

  2. Well said. I don’t ‘pride’ in being for instance, in one of my aspects, heterosexual. It’s like taking pride in just being ‘me’, no mater how I may interact with others (for their good or ill). It’s silly, childish. I keep wanting these people to Grow Up! Life is rough, and then you die. I am not a professed Christian, but I am mindful of the saying from Proverbs in the Bible: “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” The old guys who wrote these words knew something. We have forgotten everything, it seems.

  3. Interesting that you should bring this up. I was thinking about it myself a day or two ago. Pride is one of the 7 deadly sins, in fact it is the father (or mother) of all the other sins. Yet among race and gay activists group it is being elevated to a virtue. Perhaps they mean it in a different sense, though it appears to me, at least, to be unashamed self-idolatry…pride in its truest sense. Queue Nemesis in 3…2..1

    • If one was a conspiratorialist, say, one might even wonder whether these movements are designed to arrest maturity in these sub-groups, making them into more mindless citizens. I’m sure there’s something about this in The Frankfurt School.

      I think a little pride has its uses, just like a little tequila. Humility can also be over-indulged. Plato’s “reluctant leader” probably has to give himself a pep-talk once in a while.

      Thank you for commenting!

  4. Pride has its greatest utility when it produces SELF reliance. Pride groups are a fraud.
    “I’m so proud, I’ve gotta have all this backup before I’ll stand on it!”

  5. Whenever that Accidental-Group Pride shit comes a-knocking, I make a point of shooing it away from my door. It tends to induce brain damage in its adherents, melding them into a binary-thinking Borg; a collection of democratised herd animals who can’t tell the difference between their toxic definition of “pride” and simply not being ashamed to exist.

    Okay – rant over!

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