How to Become an Expert in Sexual Assault

Inspired by the Washington Post:

Emily Renda, a 2014 U-Va. graduate who survived a rape during her freshman year and now works for the university as a sexual violence specialist, has told The Post that she met Jackie in the fall of 2013.


Jackie said in interviews last week that she wants to use her ordeal to help focus more resources on survivors to augment existing prevention efforts. She also said she wants to pursue a career in social work, helping others recover from sexual assaults.

To be a victim of sexual assault would appear to be the major source of credentials of the modern rape counselor. Depending on the pay and perks of such a career, I submit that it is possible that a young woman might even decide to deliberately put herself in harm’s way, to incite “rape”, or to invent an “experience” from whole cloth such as what Jackie did.

Does this mean that such a counselor does or does not have a concept of a “healthy” sexual relationship? I don’t have enough information to make that judgment. However, if the ideologies which inform the definition of “healthy”, that is, Feminism, Statism, and Progressivism, are themselves not healthy (and that is my opinion that they are not), then does anyone ever really recover from such an event with such counseling?

Is the whole point of such counseling to become reliant on group-think for one’s own most intimate decisions such as what would appear to be advocated by this initiative (and Renda’s)? The Green Dot.

Now suppose for a moment, what happens when a genuine victim turns to these characters (“counselors” such as Renda, Jackie, et al) while suffering from the trauma of a sexual assault? Will this new victim be coached to see his or her experience through the lens of the same ideologies which pay the salary of the counselor? Probably. Will this assist the victim in recovering and going on to have a fulfilling life? Unlikely. What is more likely in my view is to adopt what appears to me to be a cult-mentality which ensures adherence and loyalty to that cult in the absence of the ability to self-direct.

Here’s a radical thought. What if the best way for a victim to recover from trauma—sexual assault or otherwise—is highly individual? What if persons who actually care about that person might be better equipped than an agenda-ridden stranger? What if a professional who has actually undergone some discipline and training not exclusively under ideological constraints might also be of assistance?

One of the proven therapies for PTSD is known as “exposure therapy.” What if the best way for some sexual assault victims to recover from their trauma is to have sex?

I’m speaking with some authority here, that is, as a survivor of incest and sexual torture in childhood, a gangrape and kidnapping in my youth (I was again kidnapped later in life by my husband and not in a fun way), and anal rape by a person who I had trusted, I suppose it might come as a surprise to some that I thoroughly enjoy sex with men—not all men, of course. Does that make me a qualified counselor of a sexual assault victim? Not in the view of many since I do not adhere to any of the modern accepted ideologies nor do I follow a generally-accepted “religion” nor even Atheism. What’s more, I can hardly recommend my life as one worthy of emulation other than my exceptional romantic relationship of today, which although worthy of study in my view (and in the view of many of the readers of my book), is currently undergoing the stress of terminal cancer. It would seem to me that in the event that Axel does not survive (and I refuse to take the word of experts in this regard), somehow our relationship deserves to be recorded by an objective third party. Lacking such a person, perhaps I ought to be the one to do it. Meanwhile, although I am not a role model, I do have a few things to say about sexual trauma and sexual health. Am I as qualified or more qualified than career victims to be such an expert? Let the reader decide.

I was gangraped and kidnapped at age 13 by an unknown number of adult male participants (I was drugged) as set up by the adult man who had the dubious distinction of being my first sexual intercourse partner one year prior. At the time that I was detained and raped, I had run away from home and therefore my “missing” status was already effectively accounted for and therefore no one knew that I had been detailed against my will for approximately 48 hours by the participants of an all-male “divorce party”. It was because of all these factors and my sheer embarrassment that I never came forward to either report the incident nor have I ever received professional counseling for it.

The incident started on a Friday night, but late on Sunday night a new man on the scene decided to rescue me. No one objected when this mountain of a man demanded my clothes, ordered me to dress, and then practically carried me out of there. He then took me to an all night Jack-in-the-Box drive-in and fed me. I was starving.

After I had cleaned up at his place and put on a set of his oversized clothes, I decided to seduce him. I felt that it was the right thing to do. I have never regretted doing so even though I never saw this stranger again (which of course was also the right thing to do given that he could have been arrested for statutory rape or harboring a runaway minor—whatever charges that might entail). I will never forget him. His name was Terry. I would love to thank him for what he did for me including the coupe de grace which was pleasurable and healing.

One of the distinctions between this particular sex act and the involuntary ones I had endured albeit drugged on alcohol and PCP (“Angel Dust”) at the time, was that I was on top and therefore was wholly in control of the action and my response. I had fortunately not been injured during the rapes probably because my muscles were fully relaxed and I did not involuntarily clench, orgasm, or otherwise promote friction. However, with Terry, I orgasmed long and hard (and so did he).

I believe that as a result of my quick-witted actions that my recovery from my ordeal was accelerated. As a result, I am not repelled by men nor do I assume that a woman is necessarily the right choice for me in terms of any sort of counseling or advice. Rather, throughout my life, the best comfort, counseling, and advice ever given to me has been by individual men with whom I had no blood relationship. For someone else, a family member might be the best source of comfort, counseling, and advice, but not for me.

Somehow I doubt that a member of a White House task force such as Emily Renda is better qualified than the individual men who helped me throughout my life. As evidence, I submit that I am neither a lesbian or feminist and find my self relatively free of the common neuroses of the modern Western woman.

4 thoughts on “How to Become an Expert in Sexual Assault

  1. Ka-preezh-ka

    The communist’s latest meme against opponents is the accusation of ‘being on the wrong side of history.’ Translated to reality that means being on the wrong side of their narrative. If it weren’t for lies and deception they would be mute.

    The UVA rape fantasy, complete with broken glass shards and beer bottle penetration, is a good example of the preposterous extreme they attempt to try to demean, dehumanize and destroy the “evil White male.”

    The once esteemed Dan Rather, forever sacrificed his legacy and honor by calling fraudulent documents “fake but accurate.” Dan was really trying to convince us he was sane but nuts. A possible description of Emily Renda.

    The most disturbing issue here is why. Why this concerted and relentless attack on White males? What is the objective and perceived end game?

    The most shocking fact is the complicity and enabling of these attacks by some White women. These women are neither sane nor nuts, they are engaged in a shrill, diabolical and self-loathing death wish.


    • I have heard a similar argument but I’m not entirely buying it and that is because I believe that the persons most interested in demoralizing, demonizing, and disenfranchising white males are other white males, and giving money to crazy women is one way to effect that. In fact, it is not so difficult to actually create crazy women–of all colors. It is one result of the rats-in-a-cage syndrome and dare I say, “hysteria” with all that implies. I also blame modern nutrition. Regardless, a nice spinster colony isolated from the world would probably improve all of our lives. It is either that or a volcano and “virgin sacrifice”.

      I believe that white males have a higher chance of actually changing the system which is why they might be disproportionately targeted. However, I believe that all independence, initiative, and individuality is effectively under attack and the “rape crisis” is one way to do that.

      However, it has been pointed out that a real “rape crisis” is one encouraged by uncontrolled immigration and otherwise flooding enclaves with refugees including domestic refugees resulting from irresponsible reproduction combined with social engineering. I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for anyone engaging in irresponsible reproduction which would cause such population imbalances in the first place. Lacking widespread sterilization/a world war/a plague I’m not sure what to do about that. I suspect our masters are hoping that we fight it out ourselves–perhaps wagers have been placed.

      The sad part to me about the false rape crisis rather than the real one is that men are the surest protectors of women–particularly those men who have something in common with those women whether that be appearance, culture, religion, values, etc.

      It would seem to me that totalitarianism and cementing the status quo is in fact the aim of fanning hysteria where no danger exists while meanwhile glossing over actual dangers.

      As for your comparison of Dan Rather with Emily Renda, I don’t see it. I believe that Dan Rather was duped with a cleverly orchestrated backfire and the experience not only killed his legacy but also likely killed him. Meanwhile, I see what happened to Dan Rather as a pattern of punishment of journalists who spoke their minds rather than the approved narrative. I include Peter Jennings in that assessment among others.

      As for Emily Renda, I think that “communist” is probably an apt description:

      “Following the conference, the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault invited Emily to take part in one of a series of “listening sessions” that same month on ways that educators, researchers and survivors can inform the federal response to campus rape and sexual assault.

      “In April, the task force released its initial report, to which Emily contributed. According to “Not Alone: The First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault,” one in five women experience sexual violence as students, 75 percent to 80 percent of whom know their attacker. Most don’t report it.

      “Emily’s White House invitation came by way of Claire Kaplan, the Women’s Center’s director of sexual assault and domestic violence services, who recommended her to the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, which shared the information with its Campus Task Force, “and the rest is history,” Kaplan wrote in an email.

      “When Emily arrived at the White House on Feb. 21 for the session, she learned that her distinguished major thesis had caught the interest of Lynn Rosenthal, White House adviser on violence against women.

      “Emily had sent her research to Rosenthal prior to the listening session. The thesis focuses on the fundamental conflict between due process and Title IX, a comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity, with an analysis of how to make a sexual misconduct policy as strong as possible to encourage the highest number of reports based on the conflict. Rosenthal shared Emily’s work with the task force.”

      Dan Rather was attempting to reveal the truth. Emily is attempting to erode due process.

      I’m going to take the side of “the white man”, in this case.

      For the record, in my gang rape, all of the players including the hero were white. Several years later, I was anally raped by a black man with whom I had a relationship that did not include unfettered sexual access in the negotiation. My ex husband, who brainwashed, gaslighted, terrorized, kidnapped, and robbed me but yet withheld sex from me was Chinese. In other words, being gangraped and anally raped was a better deal for me than marriage–but that’s just me.

      My Dominant is 3/4ths white European and 1/4 Navajo and our relationship doesn’t allow for the possibility of rape but cancer is a mean motherfucker.

      I believe that in my case race is not a definitive element for either sexual attraction, values, or friendship. However, of course I have my “types” and “not my types” which may or not be under the individual’s control.

      Not all rejections a lady makes should be considered evidence of “fault”. The ability to accept rejection however tends to be based on one’s life experience with cultural refugees and other “victims” less likely to be able accept rejection and more likely to become predators themselves.

  2. Yes, I agree with almost everything you said, and thank you for the reply. In my Rather-Renda comparo I was thinking of the national attention/disgrace as a “possible” connection.

    Your “backfire” hunch may be correct, but old Dan fell for it. A man in his position and age should have known better. Even if he realized the mess he was in, he tried to sell it anyway. That was the foolish mistake and his undoing. “Fake but accurate,” how can that be? Hot but cold? Wet but dry? The logic of an idiot.

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