The White Knight Switch

While I certainly love to joust with and embarrass vicious catfighting feminists, those who presume that I am an outlier in group selection bias because I am a misogynist have got me all wrong.

I am inspired by this story:

Men will always have a strong attraction to young women at their peak fertility and in the valley of their idiocy. Feminism however has told all young girls that they are more “intelligent” than their male peers, and White Knights are fools for believing it. However, some fools are less foolish than others when it comes to “the selfish gene,” and shouldn’t be too surprised when it comes and bites them in the ass.

I predict right here that a very high ranking politician is about to be exposed for his role in new Feminist-centric definitions of “rape” on college campuses and so will, perhaps, a certain Feminist MGHOW. If I can help, please, let me know.

The question is, which reporter will get the scoop? I predict that it will be a woman who slays this particular dragon but it won’t be me for I am sworn to secrecy.

3 thoughts on “The White Knight Switch

  1. I’d never have even heard of Gromeschi if I wasn’t married to a confused canuck female who combines being a tree hugging kumbaya singing liberal CBC addict with love for a chauvinist caveman (me). She was always trying to get me to pay attention as he interviewed some lesbonian tunesmith or first nations polesmoker.

    My wife has what I call a “rape based sexuality”. Many times I with a smile claimed that she’d give oral service to ol’ JG if she had a chance, and she never denied it, although she at least had the good character to look shame faced about it.

    So when these revelations came out, she was glued to the interwebs in fascinated horror, undecided if he was being railroaded or was deserving of the knout for crimes against femininity. “More proof of female intuition” said I “on some level you knew he was one of us all along.”

    • LOL! I am so glad that Gromeschi doesn’t actually turn me on. I prefer a less cerebral “rape” approach.

      Of course, driving me to fits of laughter is its own domination. However, is “make-up” sex even possible when both parties are laughing their asses off?

      What will women like me do when all the great male comedians have been banned from the stage by the humorless “tolerant” set?

      I guess I’ll just have to find myself either a humorless “rapist” or a rogue outlaw comedian who relentlessly shatters my quietude despite my protests.

      Meanwhile, I wish you and your wife some outstanding “make-up sex” whereupon you prove your penetrating logic by imposing it upon her. 🙂

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