Aryan Invasion Theory – The Truth

Something to piss off the Aryans, 1950’s “traditionalists,” and everyone else for whom history began in the Twentieth Century. A bit of Indian humor.

PT Barnum - Patron Saint Of Propaganda

'Then, once you discover what it is you are searching for, just type it into the search engine.' (Cartoon by Mike Baldwin).

Ever since my propaganda guru, PT Barnum was canonized by the Pope and became St.PT Barnum, he has become very busy. Needless to point out, no one, has ever been made into a Saint,  while still alive.

Envious people have started a rumor that my guru PT Barnum, died may decades ago. If he died how could he have started a blog of his own? He even has a few hundred followers on Twitter also. But, a humble man that he is, he has always given me time, to clear my doubts on various issues. I recently spoke to him about the Aryan Invasion Theory.

As usual he shed new light – and revealed facts, hither to unknown. Read on.

Q. Saintji, please tell me about the birth of Indian languages.

St.PTBarnum – While blond Aryan invaders, with White skins with blue eyes were conquering India, massacring the…

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2 thoughts on “Aryan Invasion Theory – The Truth

  1. It’s well known that the “Aryan” cultures of India and Iran were created by white skinned invaders. The reason why White Nationalism exists is to prevent the loss of those cultures, which is what happened in Iran and India, as they bred with the brown indigenous, thus becoming the third world shitholes they are today.

    I mean, have you ever been to India? I doubt you would want to live there.

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