Thought Crimes of a Race Traitor

I’ve written before about my experiences with forced multiculturalism and how they made me into the person I am today. For some reason, lately, I seem to be attracting the attention of white-pride/Christian-pride sorts of persons, and otherwise being introduced to both positive and negative aspects of this phenomenon in terms of their feelings about me. Some seem to believe that I am one of them and others seem to believe that I am their enemy. Neither view is correct. I support the notions of “freedom of association,” and “freedom from association,” and am not qualified to make these sorts of decisions for another person—only for myself.

I’m going to relay here a story about my past that may perhaps shed light on the sort of person I am. I have relayed it privately before. Since it is my story, however, I own it and shall reproduce it here:

I was on a date with a television producer. We stopped to pick up another couple–a young man in the music business who lived in a brand new mansion followed by his date on the other side of town who wore a giraffe-print fun fur, front-zip jumpsuit and had a body that could stop traffic. I was probably wearing a nondescript little black dress with a nondescript but well-tailored all-season black jacket because that was my usual uniform.

We went to a restaurant in Brentwood I believe that did not have a sign outside. We walked through the restaurant to a private room. Inside were a group of men (12 maybe) in business suits. There were no prices on the menu handed me.

My date, loudly, asked me, “So, what is your opinion of the Mafia?” It was not the first time the gentleman had asked me the question during our brief association. Everyone stopped talking.

I said, “I don’t hold them to a different standard than I do corporate America.”

Everyone roared with laughter. Another bottle of Cristal was produced largely for benefit of the same bodacious lady next to me who I believe had gulped down most of the previous. After only a glass of it, however, our dates took us outside and we talked while the men smoked cigars. Then we all went back inside and had an Italian dinner beyond description.

My date didn’t get a goodnight kiss and that’s the last I saw of him. Thus ended my short-lived aspiration at being a television script reader. I have no regrets however because today I do not watch television except for occasional streaming and I would have to live with the pain of supporting yet another degraded enterprise.

The point I would like to make with this story is that nepotism and cronyism are not going to go away any time soon. I’m not opposed to it for in fact depending on the state to make one’s decisions as to whom to associate with and whom not to associate with implies that the state actually cares about its citizens. Personally, I will associate with any person I like or remove association with them for any reason unless a person who cares about me requests otherwise. I have even entertained extremely restrictive rules of association for I understand the circumstances under which such a restriction may be necessary and at other times wholly submit to certain authorities—one in particular.

On the other hand, I have had rich and informative experiences with persons who are our Western versions of “untouchables.” I might take extraordinary precautions with certain of these individuals but I will not submit to an ideology or authority which does not care about me in terms of restricting those associations. If the reader’s mind is racing at this moment wondering what sort of “untouchable” I am referring, please forgive my coy refusal to elaborate for it is my experience that naming this sort of person, tends to conjure him.

I find nepotism and cronyism to be far more enduring among humanity and other creatures than either feminism or racism or even Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. We shall always have stronger positive feelings toward those who we find to be familiar. It is easier to tell if someone from a similar background as our own is lying, for instance, and thereby a betrayal on that level is more devastating than betrayal by a relative exotic. Taking a chance in trusting someone who is outside of our sphere of experience or influence is a courageous act. However, making such a thing mandatory by law is obscene as it puts particular pressure on the most vulnerable members of society. The persons who have the strongest motivation to protect the most vulnerable members of society are those persons who care about them, love them, and have a personal and material investment in their happiness.

In some cases, such persons are members of the same class. In some cases, such persons are members of the same race. In some cases, such persons are members of the same sex or gender. Perhaps they come from the same hometown or enjoy the same food. Perhaps they have secrets in common that make them each vulnerable to each other such as to ensure loyalty. Perhaps they have known each other for a long time. Perhaps there is an emotional component to their connection. Perhaps they perceive areas of commonality which are merely illusory. In some cases, however, such persons are courageous social outliers or persons not belonging to anything familiar except maybe rhetoric, etiquette, smell, or even perhaps that which is not perceivable by our senses. In some cases, such persons might not even be persons.

I am a person and a woman and use my own photo with deliberate distortions to assist my ability to move about the real world with anonymity. I don’t have any particular identification with my own genes except when I explore backward in time and find personalities of my phenotype which resonate with me. Can I be trusted? I can’t answer that question. The reader can only answer that question for his or herself. Meeting me however requires mutual trust for there would be mutual risk. Persons who desire to throw rhetorical barbs in my direction who do not have the courage to actually come to Los Angeles to meet me do not have a great impact upon my life. The fact is, I will not limit my own associations based on any sort of ideological criteria because my “religion” is my own and it is a work in progress. Rather, I make snap judgments on terms of the persons I wish to associate with and do not bother to explain or justify them to ideological bigots. This approach to life has not made me rich materially, for in fact, I’m a lousy prostitute, which, should not be considered evidence of my feelings toward prostitutes of whom some have been my friends. Meanwhile, the slightest threat to me in terms of my person or income with regard to my thoughts causes in me an allergic reaction. If my actions do not inspire trust in a person, then I do not trust that person. I expect to be tested and similarly reserve the right to test before I trust a person. The tests that one person uses are not adequate for another person’s purposes for they are in fact irrational tests brought about by life experience, which is unique.

Meanwhile, for purposes of both survival and advancement throughout life, we need to be able to make alliances with persons who share our values. The extent of such an alliance may be “business only,” “personal,” or “sexual.” We all have different criteria as to who shall be admitted into these sorts of alliances, and what shall take place within them. Certain ideologies hold themselves as the de facto moral standard of these values and some are quite punitive against anyone who is disloyal to the ideology.

Punishment might include violence.

So, as a person without much in the way of “family,” or “culture,” or even “hometown,” what exactly are my values? Well, if you read my writing, you’re probably going to get a pretty good idea of them. As for whether I will submit myself to the interrogation of ideological authorities who perhaps wish to impose their values on me? The answer is: Only at my pleasure and probably not on the first date.

14 thoughts on “Thought Crimes of a Race Traitor

  1. “Meanwhile, for purposes of both survival and advancement throughout life, we need to be able to make alliances with persons who share our values.”

    For me, this is the prime criteria, often leading to conflict with, say, those of my phenotype who believe “phenotype” and “philosophy” are effectively synonymous.

    Generalised example.

    • I think that there is far too much emphasis on studies that correlate behavior with genetics as if gene expression occurs in a vacuum. While clearly some aspects of personality are genetic environment obviously also has a huge impact and some impacts continue to reverberate through generations.

  2. A thoughtful and rational exposition. As for persons whom I trust, I can count them on fingers (maybe some toes as well). Other than family, I have learned to trust people with whom I’ve worked in ‘dangerous’ circumstance. By this,I mean business situations where failures in leadership and financial management, immersion in political turmoil, and other non-physical dangers are ever present as possibilities.. I have friends gained in such circumstances whom I trust, although the need for this trust has disappeared upon being retired from employment. The trust remains because it feels good. These are friends thousands of miles away who I may never see again, although recently I’ve reconnected with a few through my travels. I will not see again men I have loved, in the spiritual sense, because they are dead. I trust my wife, which is a precious thing, and I have learned to trust several of my new colleagues, writers, who are women. At my age it seems silly to differentiate among trusted friends who are ‘men’ and ‘women’. I also trust one person with whom I’ve never worked, a fellow graduate of Berkeley High School in the early 50s, Fred Pape, with whom I share values in music, political and philosophical outlook, (small ‘l’) libertarian leanings, love of reading and discussion and in observing and commenting upon the human comedy/tragedy. I expose Fred’ s name here because you’ll never find him via Internet. He is off the grid and lives a humble life. I am currently transcribing around 25 years of correspondence from him (he has no computer or Internet) Trust is a precious and powerful glue.

  3. Yeah, you know who else puts “shared values” over race?

    White people, in general. In fact, Kevin MacDonald and others have written on this extensively, calling it white’s need for a “shared moral community.”

    You are hardly unique in that sense, merely stereotypically, boringly white.

    You know who does NOT put “shared values” over race, over kin? Everyone else on the planet.

    So, you are essentially saying that you are whiter than anyone, because you don’t care about race at all.

    As a 51 year old childless woman that didn’t like your family anyway, fucking men of various races, while certainly fun, is just mindless hedonism. You are probably too old to ever have to face the consequences of putting abstract “shared values” over real life flesh and blood family, kin, and race. You’ll die before you’ll ever suffer any consequences. And you don’t have kids, thus no stake in the future past the at best 30 years you’ll have left.

    But it sure would be nice if white people like you would stop with the moral posturing – because that is all it is – trying to denigrate those who do care for their race, those who do care for their families, and those who do care for their children.

    Because it’s all fun and games as long as you live in a white society – a society run by whites that care about values not just race. But as soon as society is run by anyone else – Blacks, Browns, Asians, Jews – all those people put race ahead of “shared values.”

      • You know, it’s the posturing, as if White Nationalist types somehow don’t know people of other races, or have a limited experience with people of other races. It’s all rather absurd. I’ve traveled over the world and worked in the most “multi-cultural” environments my entire life, yet various “progressive” types (hilariously, the types that brag about never being north of 14th Street except for their Israel trip – talk about provincial!) somehow think it’s just that I haven’t been “exposed” to the diversity, or something.

        I’m just not sure how you think it is somehow surprising for any White Nationalist types to know that you place your “values” over your race or that you proudly call yourself a “race traitor” – you are simply doing exactly what you are expected to do. I mean the “race traitor” thing was the highlight of the Hollywood movie Avatar ( along with the anti-white Zionist professor who publishes “race traitor” magazine.

        Of course, you get “cool points” for fucking non-white men from that crowd.

        The sort of “rebel pose” is pretty much off, isn’t it? White girl miscegenates and puts her “values” over her people and in fact is a “race traitor.” I doubt very seriously any White Nationalists are surprised, you’re following the script to the letter, yes?

        What would be a surprise if you did pretty much the exact opposite.

      • It would seem from your comments that not only do you completely misunderstand my essay, you merely read the title, associated it with a trivial representation of pop culture that somehow impressed impressionable you and then vented your poor conflicted gynocentric liberal spleen before you partake of your pathetic ritual store-bought cookies and irradiated milk–but only if Mommy thinks you’re a good boy.

        My first thought: Was my abortion properly disposed of? Was I wrong about the father?

        This self-defined “Hipster Racist,” accuses me of trying to get “cool points,” for having a “rebel pose.” Please tatoo a cross across your bloated, bitch-titted torso to make it easier to prepare you into the succulent youthful bacon that I desire.

        I just love the “Ugly American” brand.

      • I guess you’re not white enough, or too “stereotypically, boringly white” to “posture”…or maybe it’s “cultural appropriation” to steal the song ‘n’ dance of internet “posturing” from white nationalists.

        I don’t fuckin’ know anymore!

      • Look for the “Ugly American” brand of bacon, coming to your neighborhood market, so that you have something in the fridge to feed to your worst enemy. 🙂

      • you completely misunderstand my essay

        But of course, it was all so much more subtle than I could understand. I, like, totally missed the joke about how you are a “race traitor” – I mean, that’s totally a BAD ASS and a totally courageous stand to take, in this era of WHITE SUPREMACISTS totally like, Bush was a Nazi.

        I’m all about teh LOVE NOT HATE!

        1 LUV! NO HATERZ!

  4. I didn’t know I was ‘white’ or the synonym for this, ‘Caucasian’, until I joined the Navy. Until then I was just ‘Greek’, even though both my parents were born USA citizens. I knew I was American, but ‘Whites’, or people who identified as such, were WASPS to me and my family. Decades, generations later I am now ‘white’ by those who measure such things. I’ve even been classified ‘Anglo’ in some circumstances, which is ironical to me. Having lived in Sweden (which is sort of in Europe) for 12 years, and traveled throughout Europe a bit (and in Afghanistan for a month) I can easily identify with ‘European’. I was raised by a father who was educated in the classical English manner– a real ‘liberal’ education, so I always had a feel for ‘Europe’ and its roots in Classical Greece and Rome. I continue informal studies in this realm, trying to get to where my father wanted me to get. I notice people who look significantly different from me, but if we share a similar world outlook and important values, this difference become interesting, rather than possibly threatening. I have never gone around identifying myself with a color, except perhaps for the lightly olive hue to some of my epidermis. 25% of me has northern European origin, at least within the last 10,000 years or so. This ‘color’ business needs to be refined to me more meaningful about differences.

    • Keep an eye out for the latest in gene therapy wherein you can adopt the features you like for a complete “race change” should you want one. Surely such a thing will once and for all remove all possibility of knowing what and who everyone is.

      One of my favorite movies is Bullworth where the fictional senatorial incumbent candidate exhorts his followers to “fuck everyone until we’re all the same color,” or something like that. I don’t actually agree. I like that there are differences. Surely that will mean that if some virus comes along that targets just about everyone, a few human beings will remain.

      That’s my optimistic scenario.

      For what it’s worth, if I had a shot at changing my race, I have no idea which one I’d pick. However, there was a Miss Universe (from Venezuela, of course) who was, I believe a Bulgarian, German, Syrian, who I thought was awfully pretty. However, I think that’s because she grew up on a ranchero near where I was living, in cattle country.

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