Fred Singer, A Boogeyman I’d love to Meet

Fred Singer is a tobacco-defender, CFC-defender, and CO2-defender; i.e., a real boogeyman for the social justice warriors:…

Fred Singer makes a few points about the ozone depletion alarm sounded by Sherwood Rowland, who passed away last week.

Singer writes in an e-mail:

Rowland’s seminal paper in Nature 1974 cannot explain the Antarctic ozone hole (AOH), yet the serendipitous discovery of the AOH led to the panic (i.e., remember the dying Southern oceans, the blind sheep in Patagonia, etc.), the 1987 Montreal Protocol (when scientific evidence was lacking), and the Nobel Prize (for prodding “for the salvation of mankind.” according to the citation).

So what has been the cumulative effect of the CFCs? According to the official report of the World Meteorological Organization: a 5% depletion of stratospheric ozone (about the same as the solar-cycle variation), which stopped around 1992; no detectable increase in solar UV-B at the Earth’s surface; industry profits from CFC replacements; and international corruption — providing a “blueprint” for the Kyoto Protocol.…

September 26, 2014
Does Business Risk Facing a ‘Climate Crash’?
By S. Fred Singer

With the publication of their report on climate risk, three multi-billionaires have started a campaign to frighten the public about global-warming “calamities” and to persuade business leaders to become worried about “climate risk” — all in support of the White House’s misguided efforts to treat carbon dioxide, a natural constituent of the atmosphere and a blessing to successful agriculture, as a dangerous pollutant.

I think that Singer is being generous in the use of the word “misguided” for if one simply follows the money, these sort of policies (the removal of leaded gas is another) have a whole lot more hysteria and feel-good-unbridled-spending than real-world results.

Caprizchka’s recommendations:

  1. If you’re worried about the sun, check your cholesterol levels. You want at least total cholesterol of 220 if you are under age 50…higher if you are over age 50. The skin is supposed to softly glow like fine leather. If it doesn’t, consider applying a commercial moisturizer containing cholesterol. Meanwhile, reduce all intake of polyunsaturated oils whether hydrogenated or liquid, and that includes “corn-fed” meats and dairy and all cosmetic ingredients. Polycarbonates tend to crack in the sun and under oxidative stress.
  2. If you’re worried about tobacco, ensure that you are consuming substantial amounts of saturated fat in order to protect your lungs from the particulates of the modern age with the particulates of tobacco being considerably less harmful and more beneficial than the majority of non-organic particulates such as are found in commercial air fresheners (don’t use them–your nose will thank you).
  3. If you’re worried that CO2 is going to cause the earth to warm, check the temperature data and observe that there has been no warming in 18 years but go ahead and plant a garden because that garden is just going to love that CO2 you’re worried about.

2 thoughts on “Fred Singer, A Boogeyman I’d love to Meet

  1. Interesting. I did not know of the benefits of cholesterol. Not that I’m worried about any of the potential disasters that await me for not worshiping the gods of AGW.

    • Cholesterol, in addition to being a protective substance with is the first line of defense against UV damage (and thereby produces vitamin D), is the building block of every steroidal hormone in the body among many other benefits. Demonizing this vital substance is about as stupid as blaming a heretofore nonexistent global warming on CO2, presuming that the entire motivation is incompetence, which, I believe, is a stretch. Thanks for your comment!

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