Letter to a Young Atheist Missionary

Dear Random Collection of Biological Matter, having properties similar to other collections that are located within the biosphere of the planet known as “Earth”, with some unique properties albeit at a non-statistically significant level:

I have just gotten off the phone with Sir Richard Dawkins, and he emphatically insists that although you are neither an authorized, certified, nor “real” missionary of Atheism, your efforts shall not go unnoticed nor unrewarded. He has informed me that he fervently hopes that you receive in the here and now the providence of 18 Atheist Virgins, all of whom have received a worldly education strictly limited to the breathless repetition of your name. So be it.

He has requested of me a favor—and since he asked nicely, I’ve agreed—which is to transmit to you an important message, which he has strongly assured comes from the very highest levels. Although I do not personally recognize the language of this message, I have reason to believe it is Atheist-Latin, and Dick has assured me that you will be able to understand it. I herewith faithfully render that message:

Illkay atthay itchbay, Aprizchkacay

86 thoughts on “Letter to a Young Atheist Missionary

  1. Dawkins deeply disappoints. Here is a man seeming to be deeply resentful of that which has given him his superior intelligence which is, as Rush Limbaugh tongue-in-cheekily says about his own talents, “on loan from God”. Perhaps that’s the rub, eh? Dawkins wants all the credit of himself for himself?

    How fruitless and dry is his strenuous argument that a god, or God, does not exist. Let’s take the names ‘God’ and ‘Jehovah’ and ‘Allah’ out of it, for my argument. There is a transcendent something that we perceive in certain moments when we weep suddenly, spontaneously: we are present when a child is born; we hear a mass by Mozart or Pergolesi performed by consummate artists; we attend an oration on the death of a beloved figure; we a get a glimpse of something un-seeable while walking silently through a redwood forest; we fall in love.

    There is something which is greater than we are, and we keep trying to define it or, in Dawkins’ case, define it away. Dick can’t stand outside of the Great Something of which he is a part to see it objectively, no matter how far away he gets in his own mind to observe it.

    • Beautifully stated. Made me feel all misty. I started hating Dawkins after I attended his lecture on memes and cuckoo birds. He explained that birds, like all animals, “are just little automatons.” Having been an avid naturalist all my life I objected. Upon reflection, I realized that Dawkins’ rise to prominence was aided by his *beliefs* in the unique capacity for “free will” in humans. Whether that is heart-felt or not, I couldn’t say, because it isn’t certain whether Dawkins has an actual heart or whether he is in fact merely a politician.
      The funny thing about militant atheism today however has to do with “Coffee-gate” or a schism between atheist feminists and other atheists of the other predominantly male heterosexual variety including Dawkins. The sheer absurd poetic justice of the desecration of the feminine sacred in their minds is something I find painfully funny. Finally, these “Gnostics” with a capital G realize, perhaps, their own contribution to the Feminist ideology has probably been the most significant and therefore they have just eliminated their own chance at happiness, zen, bliss, whatever they want to call it. I have a hard time not laughing at atheist MGTOW’s for in my view they are getting their just deserts.

      • Through my oldest daughter I have become more fully aware of the sacred feminine (three serial wives have contributed as well). Daughter is a doula with many friends in the frankly feminine realm: witches, circles, other stuff. Nothing anti-male, as far as I can perceive.

        I don’t get how Gnostics are anti-feminine, if I read you correctly. My limited perception of Gnostics is that they communicate directly with the Deity, with no intercession by priests, etc. Carl Jung is said to have had Gnostic leanings, but I don’t see anything anti-feminine in his work. Also, I’m afraid I’ve lost track, if you’ve explained before, of what is MGTOWs.

      • Lazily, I combined way too many shorthand references for purposes of brevity, and because I incorrectly assume a familiarity with search engines and modern memes.
        Coffee-gate is also known as Elevatorgate and is well-summarized here: http://www.conservapedia.com/Elevatorgate
        Atheism as practiced by Dawkins has ideological roots in Gnosticism, or see https://caprizchka.wordpress.com/2014/10/01/christianity-knowledge-and-beauty-my-story/
        MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way or see http://youtu.be/eZgr6939MPU

      • I THINK I’ve been going my own way since I can remember. Maybe I’m deluded? As for the Gnostics, just as in other organized religions there are many flavors and important differences between and among them. I like the idea of not needing priests and such in communing with (or perceiving, for me) the transcendental. Where some Gnostics may engage in stupid behavior or thinking, this will not surprise me. Once you organize a perception of the transcendent into a religion, the organization squeezes the spiritual juice out of it. Do Gnostics have music in their gatherings? I wonder. Professed atheists seem to be deluded science-fundamentalists. I revere the scientific method, but I don’t revere ‘science’. See here: http://2lobes.wordpress.com/2011/08/25/science-what-it-is-and-is-not-and-how-it-is-misused-in-most-public-contexts/

      • LOL. I have come to the point where I distrust most “science” that may or may not have been tainted by the 20th Century Eugenicists. I’m even on the fence with regard to leaded gasoline and CFC’s.
        At the same time your point on organized religion resonates so strongly with me.
        The notion that one has to choose between the priest or priestess class and “science” confounds me.
        At some point the noise became so deafening to me that I was obliged to make up my own.
        It is nice to know that there are in fact so many of us, even if by necessity, many of us are in the closet.

      • Another metaphor I find useful is the “blue pill/red pill” of the movie, The Matrix. Personally, I couldn’t stay awake watching it and I’ve tried to *twice* but I still love the metaphor.

        It might be uncomfortable and challenging to live outside of the matrix and otherwise *know* what it is simply by being outside of it and thereby having that external perspective, but for some, that *indeterminability* is an elixir.

        I believe that the modern obsession with longevity is paradoxical and reminds me of the old joke: They say that marriage makes you live longer. That’s not true. It just *feels* longer.”

    • Not one word of what you post is true or even rational.
      For example, prove any god exists. You are delusional, arrogant, and abysmally ignorant.

      Show your proof or admit you believe only because you WANT to believe.Facts and rational thinking have nothing to do with it, or you.

      Something grater than you are? What is it? Prove it or slither back into your institutional home.

      • Is there nothing greater than you are? And, are you sure you know what is ‘true’? Are you one who ‘believes’ that unless something can be measured, it is not important or perhaps does not even exist? When you feel love for another person, be it a child, or parent, or sibling, or lover, how do you measure this? If you can’t measure it, you must be delusional? Who is the ‘arrogant’ one here? Check what the Ancient Greeks had to say about ‘Hybris*.

      • Yes, you are an arrogant one. No one but you can ever be right, can they?

        I do believe in love. Something does not have to be measured, That’s a cop-out by the ignorant. There does have to be evidence, though. Is that concept too difficult for you?

      • Thanks to your sarcastic, absurdly ignorant, and purposeless reply, I am doubly glad I am not stupid enough to believe in any deity, religion, or other unfounded idea. Such as you are a rational, intelligent person.

      • LOL. You followed my comment on http://radishmag.wordpress.com/2014/09/22/reign-of-reason/ to my blog practically instantaneously. Your dedication to your cause is inspiring. Do you rise at dawn in order to say your daily prayer? Do you face the home of Sir Richard Dawkins when you pray? I mean, I wouldn’t want to show you any disrespect given that absurd, obsessive, repulsive dedication you have to your cause because I adore the Sunday Morning Comics. Thanks for delivering them right to my door.

      • Tell me, do you get a cheap thrill from exposing your total ignorance of all subjects to the world?

        It’s called metal masochism. There is a cure for it. Try being thoughtful, kind, and considerate. Otherwise, STFU.

      • “You seem angry”is another cop-out for the arrogantly stupid. Have you nothing original or rational to say?

        If I an angry it’s because I have never had any patience for the willfully ignorant or the stubbornly stupid.

        Try being neither. I know, thinking makes your head hurt at first. After a while though, it makes you feel better.

      • By “you” are you referring to yourself?

        I’m sorry for laughing at you. You came to my little temple in apparent chaos and instead of offering you comfort I laughed. It’s so close to Halloween, I thought you were a trick or treater, rather than a fully actualized human being who has nothing more in the world to learn. How sad.

        By the way, I am the priestess of this temple although I welcome all to preach. Of course, I understand if you’d prefer to beg for comfort from a particular archetype which causes you pain; however, I would suggest going to his temple to do so. Otherwise, I might forget myself and burst into laughter. And that would be a shame.

      • What’s a shame is you are too stupid to know when to STFU.

        Please go away and practice your crazy somewhere else. I’ve had enough of it from you.

      • Yes. I must be terribly stupid to continue to post comments on my own blog. I should just kill the blog and then kill myself. That would be so much better than providing a place for you to post your comments. Thank you for your wisdom.

      • Do you promise? You did put all of it in writing. Just think, you could raise the average IQ and ethical level of the entire world by keeping those promises.

        What a wonderful word that would be.

      • To promise before God would be to admit that there is one. Since you have converted me to Atheism, I am unable to promise. Thank you for relieving me of all obligation to my own words, oh blessed one.

      • I didn’t say to promise before god. Why would I do that? Unlike you theists, atheists do the right things without the false promise of paradise or the empty threats of hell. Too bad your character is such that you need those. Undoubtedly, you recognize your own failings better than anyone else, though.

        What a sad, pathetic person you show yourself to be. Keeping your promise to another person isn’t important to you is it? That’s OK. Theists usually say things they neither understand nor mean.

      • How true. You did not. Rather you doth bade me to promise before you. However, calling me a “theist” makes no sense to my shit brain. I must meditate on this oh blessed rational one. Please forgive me for my ignorance. I have read the Atheist bible and believe I know what the word, “theist” means, and believe that means that you do not love me, oh wise one. In your infinite wisdom, I am certain that this is a test of my devotion to you. For you are incapable of doing anything that is not “right”, ye with ultimate wisdom and character. As for failings, you have none, of course, for you are perfectly rational writing to me, devotedly, and generously.

        If only I could be less sad and pathetic, like you. I shall try to behave from now on as your grace has demonstrated to me. I shall go forth and spread your missions to all blogs, all over the world, so that no infidel “theists” remain. Thank you for showing me the meaning of promise. I promise in your name, slrman, I promise to spread Atheism to all ends of the earth. I promise! Thank you! Thank you!

      • Mr Slrman, This is not a conversation. You are throwing things; I am asking questions and asking you to consider my point of view. I see no proposition from you that I should consider. You are just calling me names. By the way, I am not stupid. I may be ignorant about many things, but I have an above average ability to reason, at least two standard deviations from the mean.

      • I am telling you that your point of view is BS. You have yet to produce a single fact or verifiable statement.

        I’m sorry that you cannot understand that. Please don’t waste my time with any more of it.

      • Yes. That was awfully rude of him to respond to your initial comment that you addressed to him. It is best to simply allow you to comment wherever the wind may take you oh wise omnipresent one.

      • Yes you have. You have been much to [sic] erudite for the likes of me. How gracious of you to invite me to fuck myself while generously naming the substance of my brain. How beautifully rational and scientific of you. Thank you for creating me in your own divine image.

      • At last, I have managed to put something simply enough for your o comprehend. Now STFU, you make me sick.

        I know that anyone with your obviously low self esteem must have the last word to keep from feeling like the total failure you are. Have at it, I will neither reply nor read any more of your drivel. Have a life.

      • This must be another test oh great one. Surely you could not be “sick” in your perfection. That is not possible.

        My self esteem is indeed abysmal but I hope that by opening my blog to your holy word that I can be as confident, full of character, and joy as you have demonstrated to me. You have not failed, oh slrman. Thank you for granting me life. I shall not forget your words of wisdom. Ohm.

        P.S., you are so going to hate yourself in the morning when you sober up; but you’re going to have to beg me if you want your comments removed. However in your hubris, begging is not in the range of your character, so this shrine to your verbal diarrhea shall remain for all eternity.

      • The last word via email from a Young Atheist Missionary:

        Subject: Determined

        You really are determined to be a totally obnoxious bitch. You are incapable of taking small or large hints.

        So here’s the largest one I can give. Fuck off, you asinine idiot. You do need to have the last word exactly as I said for the reason I gave.

        Now, go to you your imaginary hell and never darken my digital doorway again.

      • Neither does an arrogant person that can’t take even the strongest hints. Her self-image is so poor, she HAS to have the last word or admit what a disgustingly vapid human being she is.

      • LOL. I think he just proved that there *is* a God. There must be. For who else could know how much I would appreciate such an absurd gift that just keeps right on giving. The icing on the cake was finding out via his blog that he is a technical writer, just like I was.

        Of course it is also sad and melancholy that someone could be so utterly blind with regard to his own words and otherwise obviously hate himself so much. It helps me to understand though why some people are always just itching for a fight for the most contrived reasons.

        If it weren’t for “theists,” where would all that anger go? Of course it would be too much to ask for him to read your helpful piece of writing on the subject.

        Meanwhile, I’m grateful to him in terms of proving my underlying thesis–Atheist Missionaries are tortured souls who mightily resemble their own nemeses. The fact that he went after you, on the other hand, is something I find embarrassing. After all, it is not as if I warned you that by commenting on my blog you might attract a creature such as he. It would seem that Drama Queens always find me but I don’t like it when there is collateral damage. It makes me feel like a lousy hostess–which I probably am.

        By the way, I hate gender neutral pronouns. I’m trying to break myself of the habit of using “they/them” etc., when I mean “he or she”.

        There was a gender-neutral character named “Pat” on Saturday Night Live that was really easy to hate. Repulsive. I have more empathy for homosexuals, asexuals, and transexuals than shapeshifters. While I don’t set out to intentionally offend strangers (other than by simply existing which seems to offend enough people already but I am not going to remedy that), I am not interested in leveling all diversity of sex or gender for the benefit of a few drama queens. Should I find myself suddenly an international diplomat, perhaps I’ll change my tune. Of course it would be quite a fool to offer me such a position in a country with customs I find offensive. Accepting such a position however would make me the greater fool.

      • I started to reply then possibly lost it due to a fat finger, so this may be a repeat. I don’t speak Swedish, but even if I did I wouldn’t use the neutral pronoun, It’s inhuman. I cited it as an example of foolishness, and to denigrate ‘slrman’, but I guess this is cruel and I almost regret it. As for his verbal attacks, they are harmless and instructive for the reasons you cite above. I feel no pain, but thanks for your concern.

      • Here in the U.S., we call such men, “pussies.” LOL. It took me a long time to understand why men “denigrate” each other that way and that it is not actually “misogynistic.” Now that I get it, I get into it myself. Please feel free to be as “cruel” as you like on my blog. 🙂

      • All her post proves is that some people are so stupid they’ll use anything, no matter how ludicrous to convince themselves that a god does exist.

        As far as her being a technical writer, I doubt it. Maybe writing comic books but surely not anything serious.

        Personally, I wrote manuals mainly for the computer and aerospace industries. IBM, Hughes Aircraft, AiResearch, Burr-Brown, Durodyne, ASM America and Holland, First Interstate Bank, and McDonnel Douglas were a few that I wrote for. In fact, you can see my original IBM ID car at:

        [Edited to remove infected image. Would an American technical writer retire to Brazil purely for purposes of infecting the computers of imaginary enemies? Or is he an unwitting vector? You decide.]

        Unlike certain people, I do not make claims without proof.

  2. by a Disqus user named Bardon Kaldian • a day ago

    There is no universal recipe for a fulfilled life. Some statisticians have calculated that there have been between 60 an 110 billion human beings on the earth (homo sapiens sapiens) as yet. It is rather safe to surmise that 99% have been failures, tragedies, victims,disappointments, ….

    So, if your view is a materialist-atheist, no reason to fuss about it too much. Cries for help of a some murdered Mesopotamian peasant in 2237. B.C. do not trouble us & have never elicited even a feeble emotional response. Who is he & where and what is he now ? Perspectives for us & our contemporaries are not much different.

    Kolakowski had, wisely, said: Religion is man’s way of accepting life as an inevitable defeat. That it is not an inevitable defeat is a claim that cannot be defended in good faith. One can, of course, disperse one’s life over the contingencies of every day, but even then it is only a ceaseless and desperate desire to live, and finally a regret that one has not lived. One can accept life, and accept it, at the same time, as a defeat only if one accepts that there is a sense beyond that which is inherent in human history — if, in other words, one accepts the order of the sacred.

    A hypothetical world from which the sacred had been swept away would admit of only two possibilities: vain fantasy that recognizes itself as such, or immediate satisfaction which exhausts itself. It would leave only the choice proposed by Baudelaire, between lovers of prostitutes and lovers of clouds: those who know only the satisfactions of the moment and are therefore contemptible, and those who lose themselves in otiose imaginings , and are therefore contemptible. Everything is contemptible, and there is no more to be said.

    The conscience liberated from the sacred knows this, even if it conceals it from itself.

    Reproduced by permission.

  3. Must one look for a recipe for a fulfilled life? I am undoubtedly too picky about the use of words, but I see here a conflation of ‘religion’and ‘the sacred’. Religion to me is the organization around a ‘sacred’ idea or perception, or vision. “Religion is man’s way of accepting life as an inevitable defeat.” may be correct with respect to subordinating oneself to, or identifying with, a religion; but, one can sense the sacred (the transcendental) without religion, and can avoid feelings of defeat (assuming they are , indeed, “inevitable”) through this sense of the sacred, which can be a kind of knowledge; that is, to know the unity of all things, or other realizations through connecting with, or recognizing the sacred.. The author can certainly speak for himself, but he doesn’t speak for me. Therefore, he is not uttering “truth” in this section of his article. Citing Baudelaire as an authority is not an argument.

    • I find it to be a critique of religion rather than an endorsement. That’s why I like it. I’ve been duly informed that my own beliefs and sacred do not constitute a “religion” because it only has one congregant. I counter that such a notion is discriminatory against a minority.

      • Go here (www.ulc.org) if you want to be ordained (free) in a church whose creed is “Do only that which is right” I got ordained for the purpose of performing the marriage ceremony for my son. You are free to practice any religion within this church. Nobody watches you.

      • I am so fortunate as to be blessed with the acquaintance of numerous individuals of “the cloth” should I so desire to have such consecrated hands laid upon me. I may one day decide to take on such a burden of responsibility. I threaten to open a Church of Smoking as one of my less controversial ideas of a house of worship. Naturally, however, I would need a whole bunch of people interested in tending to the mundane details of such a venture along with deep-pocketed sponsors etc. However, I would hesitate to suffer such generous individuals with the truly depraved contents of my mind thereby risking the contented ability to roam the streets unmolested of all concerned. I believe that my brand of worship is best performed in private with no sanction of any body whatsoever, otherwise, kids and fools will want to try it.

  4. I think I may be obligated by divine law to commend your witty takedown of the idiot, slrman. The vacuous troll is somewhat amusing in just how angry he is. I am tempted to say he’s some kind of poor excuse for a pseudo-intellectual retard, but every time I read his comments, only one thought comes to mind.

    Sofa masturbator

    • I see that the ignorant bitch edited my comment. Not to remove an “infected image” but to delete the proof I presented that I am exactly who and what I say I am . That is truly the act of an intellectual and ethical coward.

      I expected no less from a liar, fool, and hypocrite.

      As far as why I moved to Brazil, she attempts to present a false hypothesis by use of innuendo. Again, the act of liar, coward, and fool. I moved here because I am married to a Brazilian woman and this is a paradise. Especially as it is not inhabited by the arrogant fool that runs this blog.

      BTW? how do you masturbate a sofa? 😉

      • I think we all know exactly what you are. The only one in the dark, apparently, is you. How long will your obsession with me go on? Isn’t your wife in the least bit concerned? Doesn’t your “paradise” offer you enough in the way of entertainment? Apparently nothing can compete with me for your attention. I am irresistible to you. I am your flypaper, insect.

      • You are a lying bitch terrified of responding to my direct, easy questions. As far as bringing my wife into this, she passed away very suddenly and recently. That aside, as you could not have known it, to even bring my family into this shows your total lack of character and that you are a disgusting human being.

        Have I brought your family into anything? This is personal and I will not let up on you until you admit that you are a liar, a coward, and a total waste of resources as a person.

        Your posts have already demonstrated what a craven cockroach you are. You are incapable of an original insult, nor are you possessed of enough moral courage to admit when you’re wrong.

        Instead, you continue to lie, behave like an under-achieving 4th grader, and show the world that I am right in every respect about you. Show some morals that you christians claim to have. Either that, or slither back to your sewer home like the slimy worm you are.

        Even as worthless as yu are, you could still do the world a huge service. You can improve the ethical and intellectual standards of the entire planet. Go kill yourself.

      • You apparently love to hear yourself talk and my guess is nobody else does. Perhaps I am performing a public service to allow you to vent your spleen at me because while you are doing so you are: 1) Allowing your wife a little peace; 2) Confining your apparent lust for flinging poorly conceived insults to me; 3) Refraining from “technical writing,” which requires observational ability, logic, and organization–none of which you possess; 4) Refraining from infecting other people’s computers with your “credentials”. Carry on.

      • Yes, exactly as I am saying, you’ll post anything, no matter how absurd to avoid answering or even admitting a question has been asked.

        Better for you that you do go hide and ignore everything. If you stop responding, at least you won;t keep showing everyone what a craven coward you are and how abysmally ignorant you choose to be. They’ll all know you ran like a rabbit, but no one is expecting any better from you.

      • Your opinion of me is irrelevant. However, I wanted to advise you that I may be a little slow responding to your next inevitable comment. That doesn’t mean that I have stopped responding only that I am engaged in other pursuits at the moment. So long as your comments continue to appear, that means that you’re not blocked.

        Whereas on your blog, comments are moderated such as I am unable to comment to it, showing exactly who is the coward in this exchange. That would be you.

      • Tell me, you lying bitch, what comments have I moderated? Where have I lied? When have I hidden from replying to a question? Are you going to ignore those ans you have all other honest questions I have asked?

        Unlike you, I am not afraid of answers. Nor am I afraid of honest questions. That’s how people are when they have verifiable facts on their side. Too bad you will never be one of those people.

        You are so stupid that you believe anything you say is true. Even worse, you think everyone else will believe you, too. That’s after I have already demonstrated what a lying sack of shit you are.

        If you were not dumber than a sack of doorknobs, you’d have enough sense to simply stop replying and giving me me more examples of your perfidy and lack of intelligence to point out to everyone. Fortunately for me, you ARE dumber than doorknobs.

        Run little girl, hide little girl. The bad boogeyman is showing you up for what you are. LMAO!

      • Again, what lies? How am I a coward, by refusing to even admit questions have been asked? Oops, awkward moment for you. That’s what you do. 🙂

        Oh, I see, you are setting the stage for you to slink away without ever responding to a single question or open challenge. I predicted you would run and hide. How soon do you think you can retroactively delete all my posts without looking like the craven liar I’ve shown you to be?

        You accused me of editing posts on my blog. I asked you to show us which ones those were. As I expected, you didn’t attempt that nor did you even acknowledge it was asked. You do that with every question. How typically christian. Anything you are afraid to answer, you pretend it was never asked, change the subject to something completely unrelated and untrue, then declare victory.

        The description I read long ago about debating theists must have been written especially for you, it fits so well.

        “Debating a christian is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how well you play chess, the pigeon will knock over all of the pieces, crap on the board and then strut around as though it had won.”

        That describes you perfectly except that a pigeon is smarter and more honest than you are.

      • Let’s keep in mind that you’re the one that edited my comment and then lied about what you did. Again, that’s the act of an intellectual and ethical coward.

        Why don’t you want anyone to see the proof that what I say is true? Maybe because it contradicts what you say and reveals you as the ostentatious prevaricator that you are?

        I stand behind every word that I post. I have no need to lie, hide or be anything but honest. You have every reason to hide, dissemble, and show your intellectual ass each time you post.

        Prove anything I have posted is not true. Prove anything you have ever thought or said in your entire life is true.

        Evading direct questions and challenges only shows I am right and that you are exactly what I say you are.

      • Yes, you do and you haven’t answered a single question or done anything by lie. All you have done is make certain everyone knows I am right and you are a coward morally and mentally.
        Tell me, how am I not grounded in reality? Because I see the truth about you as you demonstrate it and then toss it back at you?

        I have shown proof of who and what I am. In your despicable cowardice, you deleted the link. That’s fine, it’s even fine that you lied about what you altered. It’s more proof that yu are exactly what I say you are. Thank you for providing it.

        You have also refused to even acknowledge my direct questions. You are too stubbornly stupid to even understand how this makes you look. What a sad excuse you are for a sentient being.

        Now, you’re set to hide and refuse to engage in further exchanges. No one will blame you for that. You’re getting your mental ass handed to you every time and even you must be starting to be embarrassed by that.

      • I’m embarrassed for you because you’re completely clueless as to the extent that you reveal yourself with every word.

        Not only are your arguments and observations complete nonsense but you contradict them with your own words.

        But yet you persist, tirelessly. Please continue.

      • Tell us all, exactly how do I contradict myself? Don’t ignore the question, all you’ll do is prove again that you are a liar, coward and a fool. But then, everyone already knows that, thanks to your previous posts where I showed you lied and evaded direct questions.

        Also, tell me what I reveal “with every word”. Is it that I am telling the truth about yu as you reveal it yourself?

        Or is it that I am pointing out how you ignore every question because you know you have no rational answers?

        You must be a mental masochist that gets a cheap thrill from exposing your total cowardice and ignorance of every subject.

        Please continue. Every post you make, I look better and you look well, you look as you are. Stupid, untruthful, and afraid to reply to any direct question.

        Wouldn’t you like to get that “Service to Humanity” award? A tall building, cliff, or even a speeding truck would do it for you.

      • All of your comments are entirely without basis so as to be ridiculous and tiresome. The fact that I inspire in you such bile though no action of my own tells me that all you are is bile. It is your composition. I am merely a blank slate onto which you draw the contents of your heart. You have nothing better to do. Pathetic.

      • As always, you ignore honest questions by posting outrageous lies. Tell us all, you worthless moron, which of my comments are without basis? The ones where I say you refuse to recognize and answer questions? Or the ones where I point out that you are a liar and a coward intellectually and ethically?

        You do not “inspire” me to bile, you deserve bile, contempt, and derision. So why are you whining about it? You must like it, as you keep coming back for more and providing more reasons for it.

        Again, exactly what have I posted that is true? That you altered my post so people would not be able to see my proof that I am right and you are the liar?

        You are a blank slate in that what passes for your mind has never had a rational thought and is as empty of honesty and learning as those doorknobs I mentioned.

        Yes, I do have other things to do but not many are as amusing as helping you to demonstrate what a worthless excuse for a human being you are. You fall for it every time. You’re so easy, you could be replaced by a trained monkey.

    • No. He’s a New Atheist. One of those indistinct blurry atheists who substitute hubris and arrogant faux-rage for the congenial behavior of earlier civilized examples of honest skepticism.

      In short, slrman is a cultural Marxist, here to worship the dictates of his Left Wing Master Karl Marx and to advance the magical mystery tour that is utopian collectivist totalitarianism, rooted in pseudo-science, faux analysis and sociological dreck.

      So, expect him to endlessly demand proof and never provide any of his own. He’s like, the drive in waitress in the old Fred Flintstone cartoon opening theme song. He tossed the giant mastadon spare rib on your window tray and walks off as the massive cuisine upends your silly little car.

      Just ask him to explain how the miracle of the Labor Theory of Value works more miraculously than Jesus’ Loaves and Fishes for the masses.

      • There is a God. There must be. Because suddenly I have a craving for mastadon spare rib. 🙂

        I think you give him and his position–assuming he has one–more dignity than they deserve. However, I’d hate to see you rhetorically skewer my own half-baked beliefs even if you did so flawlessly.

        Thanks for commenting and welcome!

    • Ew. Just thinking of that makes me want to shower. LOL.

      But here’s the really weird part. It is possible, given his career history (such as it is) that I beat him out of a job assignment once. Perhaps he’s psychic! LOL.

      I was a top producer which of course is no guarantee of quality. My career niche was big jobs that normally required teams of writers to complete. I pissed off a lot of old-school technical writers with engineering degrees (I don’t have one) and thereby engendered a lot of ill will among my peers. However, if my methods had been disseminated (I never got an offer I liked), perhaps less in the way of technical writing careers would have been offshored to India where sheer quantity of writers for peanuts was supposed to make up for expertise.

      I had an offer to train writers in India my methods but my conscience wouldn’t let me. I don’t see how a society can offload generations of cultural knowledge–subsidized by taxpayers–offshore. Talk about fouling one’s own nest! I’m no patriot, but that’s ridiculous, short-sighted, and furthermore, a dreadful legacy for one’s descendants. That’s devolutionary!

      That’s about all I can say without compromising my anonymity. I’ve got nothing to prove.

  5. after reading through this thread, I feel compelled to comment using my God-given ability of discrimination — if this were a sporting event, here’s how I’d score it:
    slrman -666
    caprizchka 1000

    now were I asked how I came to score this thread thusly, my reply would be:
    you see, the devil is in the details.

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