Female Programming

I am a walking library of alternative and self-administered remedies. I don’t write about them. First of all, practicing medicine without a license is illegal. Secondly, “everyone” already knows “everything” about health, medicine, and nutrition. This last goes double for self-righteous, selfish, ugly, fat people. They know that their problem is their “genes” and has nothing to do with their sense of entitlement borne out of obedience to authority and apple-polishing.

The notion that someone like me would ever marry a doctor is ludicrous. But, that’s what I did. I had thought that given that he was not just an M.D. but a PhD, and was from an entirely different background, culture, and nation would compensate for that choice. In the end, he taught me many things. However, on balance, not only did I teach him more and give him more, he will probably live longer than me as a result. I console myself that at least I still know how to love and came out with my character nearly intact. The funny thing about character is that given a choice between survival and character, most people will choose survival. As for me, I chose the survival of creatures I loved but that backfired horribly.

Nevertheless, sometimes I weigh all the pros and cons and crunch the numbers and otherwise determine that I need to compromise on my own principles. What I mean by that is that occasionally I patronize the mainstream medical establishment. The level of establishment varies but I even sometimes find myself patronizing professionals who are part of medical groups, accept insurance, and who otherwise follow standard protocols with regard to the patronization of testing laboratories. Those doctors who continuously bend the rules may find themselves being ratted out by those same laboratories. Any lack of conformity is grounds for marginalization. I try to be sensitive to that fact when I patronize such a practitioner.

First, however, there tends to be a gauntlet of forms, personal interactions, magazines, and television.

Daytime television it would appear consists of women sitting around talking to each other complimenting each other on fussy hairstyles, clothing, and manicures; and complaining about men. Their inane banter is interspersed with frightening news items, and soothing commercials.

Survival for poor women consists of being “saddled” with babies and not being able to work while spending an inordinate amount of time fussing over hair, clothing, and fingernails. Failure to conform to this stereotype would result in marginalization from both income and social acceptance among their peers.

I advise men who are not rich (and even those who are) to learn to eschew women who are overly fussy with those three things. If you want to change the world, however, I would suggest corresponding with your favorite pornography producers and ask them to start showing women who are similarly modest in appearance. Once you find a woman who you believe is capable of love over mere self-interest, ask her to give up two things for you: 1) The approval and acceptance of her peers; 2) Her television.

Just my suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Female Programming

  1. Interesting. I actually triggered an amygdala hijack in a woman with whom I’ve had casual, friendly banter in the past. It became immediately apparent that she somehow identified me as a maternal figure from whom she craves approval so badly that she was willing to insult me until she got it. Of course, there’s no amount of approval anyone could give such a person to assuage her guilt, fears, and deep insecurity, least of all from Caprizchka! I would feel bad for her but she just couldn’t seem to contain all of her hostility and watching all that hostility erupt was like a train wreck–I just couldn’t look away.

    Besides, she inspired me to come up with the following silly poem which I give away now to all poor hypnotized, brainwashed, consumer-beauty-product slaves, health nazis, and anyone else severely in need of “cold turkey” from womens’ magazines and television:

    o/~ All women are beautiful.
    Whatever they do or don’t do.
    Whatever they say or don’t say.
    Whatever they buy or don’t buy.
    They are all special and wonderful and honest and true and special and beautiful and did I say, beautiful too?

    • For a moment you felt what it’s like to be a man with…. well…most women.
      There’s a reason for years I tested every woman I was with for Obedience with the phrase “Be quiet.” or by holding up a finger for silence.
      The ones that were capable of being silent for a few minutes were almost universally keepers, and the one that didn’t ask why I told her to be quiet is still with me after 18 years.

      • I’ve gotten the “man” experience for so many moments I have wondered if my life would have been better with a sex change, in the U.S.A., that is, where every woman is expected to behave a certain way. At least men allow some individuality even if I would be decidedly a lesser man. Perhaps I would have found a mentor, and then I’d come out and admit to being gay…

        Good test. Obedience toward a command for any sort of delayed gratification helps. Men who believe that women require constant chivalry are the sort of men who I would be a “better man” than. That probably sounded arrogant. I’ll need to be put in place for that one. LOL.

        Fortunately, I have a date this afternoon in which to test out some of my theories…

        (He’s probably reading this.)

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