Fembots In The News

I’m keeping an eye on Elizabeth Smart. I think that would be smart. I suspect that she is the latest model of Fembot—broken and then put back together as a perfect machine. Would you trust your kids to Elizabeth Smart? I wouldn’t. Asking Elizabeth Smart to teach kids how to avoid sexual predators is like asking Squeaky Fromme to give them marksmanship lessons: http://www.wowktv.com/story/26739022/elizabeth-smart-world-renowned-child-advocate-joins-modern-day-abolitionists-to-fight-child-sex-slavery

I’m thinking of going to the above described event tonight just to see what the ladies are wearing as they mount their next victim-as-leader crusade. I wonder how many plastic surgeons have their work represented in this cult of “beauty” pimped by Feminists. When did growing old become a crime?

Of course sex slavery is bad and little blonde girls are good, right? Not everything is as it seems and some crimes are performed in plain sight.

Was Brigitte Bardot another? Just seeing the pain in her eyes as she holds that fur trapper’s trap tells me that she is. (I don’t condemn the practice entirely but would prefer a more humane method.) If I link the photo, the photo bearer may object. Google her. Just reading the writing of the infamous Simone de Beauvoir on the subject, confirms my suspicions: http://bookzz.org/book/845313/0a2cf3

Here is a brave first person account of a Fembot I found on the internet. This isn’t the only one, it just particularly resonates with me (I would love to meet her): http://www.reflectionsinthenight.com/walpurgisnacht_baby.htm

Blonde Fembots, all of them, albeit those aren’t the only brands available, just the “Made in the U.S.A.” brand. The “Made in Juárez”, Mexico brand has a different market. There are many others. I wonder how long it will take before the “Made in the U.S.A.” brand of Fembot elicits more rage than trust. Neither emotion however applies. Watch your feelings when you listen to The Mighty Wurlitzer. The most effective agents are unwitting of their purpose and make small-time crooks like Anita Sarkeesian look like saints.

“How do you know which product to buy?” my mother asks me plaintively, as usual looking for youth and beauty advice, desperately trying to play the victim from her new, larger, finer home.

Perhaps I should stop dying my hair. I would and I have permission to stop, but, it helps me to feel “pretty” and that is important in terms of my duties even if arousing envy has become foolhardy in my immediate environs. I have a neighbor who epitomizes the “hot/crazy” of this video who has decided that I am a threat. She is like a peacock—beautiful to look at as she primps and poses but with a screech that takes my breath away, and formidable talons.

Pages on the internet come and go. Those which are allowed to survive are either those most easily discredited to a vapid and gullible public or are allowed to exist as a warning to anyone thinking of defecting or spilling unauthorized secrets.

For the record, I wouldn’t trust me with your kids either. I am not a role model, never mind the education, poise, sparkly hair, etc. I am yet another broken doll all put back together except this time the man who put me back together is neither a narcissist, megalomaniac, or one who desires to live forever. I owe him everything. I am glad to live long enough to know him.

My writing however is entirely my own assuming that which is inside me is now finally me—a work in progress.

6 thoughts on “Fembots In The News

    • I always appreciate a good three-prong, international, marketing splash, but in this case the back-end merchandizing sort of turns my stomach. Another good movie is “Wag The Dog” which I saw for maybe the fifth time last night. Thanks for thinking of me but I think I’ll just stick to the amateur re-enactment.

  1. I wonder which one is the biggest business: sex slave traffickers or the charities that purport to fight them? My guess is the latter. Why should we believe these charities actually want to end sex slavery when it’s the very thing that’s making them rich?

    But of course we should all listen to Elisabeth Smart. She doesn’t have a Phd in anything but she was a victim and that automatically makes her an expert in everything sex offender related even though what happened to her was an anomaly which is why it was such big 24-hour-a-day news, but we’ll ignore that.

    You know it’s like John Walsh. Son gets murdered and that makes him qualified to come up with new sex offender laws that treats every sex offender as if they are the one that killed his son (even though it was never proven that his son was ever sexually attacked, only that he was murdered.) Guy takes a piss in public and now he’s treated as a potential child killer. An 18 year old boy has sex with his 16 year old girlfriend and now he’s treated as a serial sadistic child rapists who can’t be allowed in parks

    These professional victim activists crusaders just make everything worse. They become shills for these scams that parade as charities and then they call for new laws without understanding or caring about the far-reaching consequences.

    • I am very sympathetic to your viewpoint and my cynicism of these individuals and agencies knows no bounds. Furthermore, I find that every single emotionally-driven issue today is ultimately used to stifle individual emotional development, creating nations of child-citizens, utterly dependent on the “authorities” and doubly-vulnerable to predators of all sorts.

      Parents who would actually trust Smart to school their own children have got to epitomize learned helplessness. There is no substitute for the caring and protective behavior of individuals who actually care about vulnerable members of society. Paranoia and the promotion of a sense of helplessness ultimately serve predators more than potential victims, with the biggest predators being those who benefit from the degradation of humanity itself.

      That said, I suspect that the biggest purveyors of sex-trafficking are entirely above the law. Meanwhile, institutional-level propaganda and conditioning would seem to be designed to break down personal barriers and sense of self-protection such as to create compliant livestock, easily administered, with no sense of how to individually direct one’s life.

      Smart caught my attention, initially, as an abducted girl who appeared at The White House. Having some experience myself as a victim of extreme trauma, I can’t imagine how she was able to smile for the camera and otherwise perform so soon after her ordeal unless there is nothing about her ordeal portrayed accurately by the press.

      Meanwhile, victims of similar sorts of stories continue to surface, telling their stories, with no possibility of seeing justice.

      I suspect strongly however that there is yet another sort of victim in these affairs and that would be those individuals unwittingly drawn into these intrigues for purposes of the possibility of blackmail to guarantee their loyalty to nefarious enterprises of all sorts. The way I see it, the only way to stop such enterprises large and small, is to stop glamorizing human violation somehow as being some sort of battle between good and evil but rather frankly part of the human condition in its quest for power and mastery over an unpredictable world. I also see the institutionalized breaking down of individual boundaries as the core issue that ultimately is more damaging to the human psyche than the supposedly deadly “microaggressions” which adults ought to be perfectly capable of managing all by their selves.

      Forming strong personal bonds and relationships with other human beings is the best way to protect each other and no agency or government body can substitute for them. Demonizing ordinary men who comprise the most protective demographic seems to me to be so obviously counterproductive as to be by administrative design.

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