So, Where Is the Donate Link?

I would be a terrible hypocrite if I asked strangers to send me money just to blog. Sure, you can buy my book if you like, but honestly, I don’t make much money that way either. Besides it is just one part of what I’m all about and hardly anyone “gets it” anyway. You can comment on my blog, if you dare, or not, or just read, whatever. There are no demands made here. Show up, comment, like, move on, reblog, whatever you want. My means of support are none of your business. I disclose nothing online to strangers that can be used to actually hurt me and I’m not your mother.

I’m mostly doing this for myself to see whether or not there is still intelligent life anywhere. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised. Sometimes the surprise is not so pleasant. But if life was always pleasant, how would we appreciate it? Besides, I learn just as much from angry comments as positive ones. I respect those who figure out that I don’t actually require the validation of strangers. I suppose that makes me just plain weird for a western woman of this age. I suspect that not all ages would find me so strange even if I am still not sure where is my “home”. Update: If you think you know where that is, please, contact me.

In my view, it is right to be wary of narcissists whose only reason for existing is for compliments and strokes or simply to soak you for money or to spread fear. While I have no judgment or criticism of those who attempt to blog for a living, I don’t bar such persons from my own blog nor require you to contribute to mine. In fact, since I respect the profession of “writer,” having been one, I hereby apologize that I cannot contribute to your blog unless I were to say give up smoking; however, since I need that tobacco to make my mind function in a manner engaging and scintillating, giving it up for you isn’t going to happen.

Similarly, I’m not about to give out any more than I’ve already given which was everything. Players of all sorts are welcome to try to squeeze blood out of this rock. Meanwhile, I am actually not so difficult to meet live in person for no better reason than to share a smoke, drink, and conversation. People will say all sorts of things but actually showing up? That’s what impresses me. If you like, we can go Dutch. Come alone. I’ll check. I’m cagier than hell for really good reasons. In no way can I make a guarantee that there will be no drama. Drama always finds me. Here I am. Bring it.

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