The Navel Orange and The Perfect Woman: The Ironic Failure of the California Eugenics Movement

Hitler may have truly believed that the problems of his world were due to: “capitalists, Jews, Africans, degenerate intellectuals, and loose women” and that eliminating them would create a pure Nordic world where everyone would live happily ever after. He was probably just a sad and tortured fellow having failed to sell his artwork to the local Jews who when he found himself rising to power (thanks to hidden strings) decided that it meant that he had “a mandate”.

Many German people believed in him and many did not but we’ll never really know the numbers, will we?

A whole lot of people died—all the groups listed above plus gypsies, cripples, and gays; plus Europeans of every persuasion (East and West) including a whole lot of Germans who were subject to terribly inhumane conditions as POWs, plus Americans…but the game was on and oil was the game. Meanwhile similar shenanigans were occurring in The East, The Middle East, The soon-to-be Soviet Union, and “The Stans”. Too many people and too much money in too little hands equals war, genocide, and atrocities.

The game is still oil—and other natural resources—but there’s less of those things now. So best we round up all the “climate deniers” as well as the bottom third of idiots who do nothing but parrot useless slogans, and then there will be oil for everyone and we’ll have a perfect world. Whereas back then the dream was that all the ladies would be blonde and fair and none of the oranges have seeds, that hasn’t worked out so well for the calcified genes of the aristocracy after all. The “brand” is wearing thin when even Beyoncé can be “blonde”. They need some new blood. Or perhaps they’re just thirsty.

To imagine that these notions are different today or that the Allied Industrialists were not able to persuade their followers of these notions, along with the sycophants who allowed them to raise the funds to give to Hitler in the first place, is naive.

Many of the followers of the notion of a perfect world with perfect people were in California before, during, and after Hilter—from “The Golden Hills” to the terribly photogenic beaches (most of which are too cold most of the time) to which bodacious blondes the world over flocked to and modeled beside—and some fine forests which was the game (paper) when it came to the demonization of Mestizos and “Marijuana” until a use was found for these items as slaves and pacifier, respectively. Meanwhile there were “jobs” and “progress” and dashing figures like Howard Hughes.

Some of the wealthier bankers, union organizers, artists, and intellectuals of Europe came to the U.S. and started up modern media and others populated a strip of land which was either “promised” or “Roman” (but it hardly matters anymore what it was because what it is now is an eternal battle of anemone colonies). Some of the wealthier and more talented mad German scientists started up the CIA, the CDC, and NASA. Nothing could go wrong with that plan, right?

It wasn’t just followers and sycophants of Hitler who went “back to the land” in California, but they were ideological heirs to all those who believed all the “science” that was coming straight out of the Third Reich and assumed that it was “sound”. Whether one is talking about the new crops and hybrids with unsurpassed shelf life (but little else), chemical fertilizers, or pesticides, agriculture seemed to be one of the shining golden opportunities of California since the gold rush. Whereas their hearts wanted self-sufficiency and independence from tyranny, their minds were easily hypnotized by “progress.” So many of them assumed that a low-fat vegetarian/or nearly so diet free of “vices” and a regimen of excessive exercise was the key to longevity and that longevity was a virtue. Never mind that many of the financiers at the top of the food chain had their own supply lines of “decadence” to keep them going strong.

When the German science was shelved along with it turned out to be actual sound science which predated and thereby was supplanted by Hitler’s yes-men. A few of my nutritional science heroes and heroines dug it up. Meanwhile in California, a scientist and a dentist met. Their names were Francis M. Pottenger, Jr. and Weston A. Price. They discovered information about food and genes which disrupted the agricultural and genetics myths that still prevail today and were thereby punished for it with marginalization.

We now know that “Hitler’s Diet” reduces fertility in both sexes and promotes asthma and autism, but bad people just kept right on eating what they wanted and reproducing like crazy despite all the lovely propaganda from the USDA. Of course, our aristocracy doesn’t need a whole lot of intellectuals any more, only a few, and certainly doesn’t need self-sufficiency or small farms except for themselves. Mostly what our aristocracy is going to need from us is meat, muscle, and people who don’t mind repairing robots and patching up slaves. If those people can survive on hybrid crops, GMO’s, and pharmaceutical drugs, so much the better in terms of efficiency.

It turns out that the sweetest most vitamin and phytochemical-rich oranges have loads of seeds. Human beings however who lived in California prior to the advance of nations learned to limit their fertility by actual not just photogenic health. To be in tune with the seasons and the wealth of nature is not necessarily a sacrifice of our primal natures however today we are too “evolved” to recognize that simple truth.

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